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We're Back Online!

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Dear members,


Alhamdo l'Ellah we're back online. We were offline for about 12 hours. Our hosting company, while migrating us to a new server, caused some corruption to our database. Alhamdo l'Ellah I made a backup the night before. Subhan Allah! I didn't make a backup for months! I only made hours before the corruption took place! Isn't Allah subhanahu wataa The Generous, The Merciful!

When they tried and failed to repair our database, I had to ask them to restore the whole server from my overnight backup. This was done successfully alhamo l'Ellah, otherwise we would be in a mess now!


The downside of this, is that we lost about 22 posts in the process. The loss of more posts were avoided by putting the forum offline while we restored and moved.

My sincere apologies for that.


We had to change hosts. After such lack or due care, we had to move to a new host, to avoid such mess again. Alhamdo l'Ellah we did the move successfully, and we are now with a -hopefully- better host. If you encounter any errors, slow speed, or down times, just PM me please to attend to it.


Jazakum Allahu khayran for your patience. We ask your duaa.

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