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Allah"s creation

you smiled and your eyes were filled with tears

when you held me in your hand for the fist-time without fear

you breathed a warm sigh of relief

while gazing right into my immature eyes and thanking Allah with your inner belief

you holded me tightly agianst your heart

when i was afraid of the obscurity of the hollow nights

throughout the darkness singing me lullabys

while i snuggled in your comfortable and merciful arms

when my sleep was troubled by some illness

you cured me with your affection

every day you showered compassion

and still your love for me inflames with passion

treasuring me more than a million diamonds

you wouldnt replace me even for a earths kingdom

the warmth of your heart reaches me faster than the sun rays

you still look into my eyes with tenderness on lonely nights and on delicate days

the god gifted mercy which you possesses outshines the glorious stars

wallahi, you are truly exceptional, absolutely magnificent, flawlessly beautiful

indeed you are oh my dear mum.

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Very good one sis. Thanks for sharing...


This reminds us of the love and care of our mothers.


This is making me miss my mom.. :(

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