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Ron Shirt

Life In A Sarcophagus (Edited Version)

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Life in a sarcophagus


They laid me here to rest

in pieces

I was properly embalmed you see

and so they needed to remove

certain organs, shall we say –

due to practical necessities, (organs which could not be preserved)


But I must mention I have been very well treated

- on the whole

I’ve been buried with a thoughtfully placed thermometer

in my writing case along with my best nibbed pen

and pencil, plus a picture of my favourite cat

whom I was privileged to spend a few short years of life with


There is a cartouche describing my status: i.e. dead

which also mentions my few meagre achievements

I thought this was an appropriately

‘nice thought’ by my temporary guardians

Also I understand that the chamber within which

I have been placed has a pleasantly cool atmosphere

both day and night, winter and summer, year in and year out

and thus offers a tranquillity not usually found via the physical life on earth


I cannot say that I am either in paradise or not, although it certainly does not appear to be hell to me

And I must say that I am basically more than content

I feel at one with the universe now in a way I never did whilst living in the world

prior to my rather untimely demise, I have come to realise

the sense and power of this union particularly in terms of

the very small part I personally played in the immense enfoldment

of eternity but mainly, I think, through a certain sense of awe,

which perhaps only through a yearning, might one observe what is ascribed

and hence perhaps perpetuates the name of whom or what we may not know

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