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Noteworthy American Court Decision

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Court dismisses attacks on climate science

A federal court rejected a claim that the evidence for climate change is too uncertain for the United States government to act on it. The case, Coalition for Responsible Regulation, Inc., et al., v. EPA, involved a challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency's implementation of the Clean Air Act, filed by a number of states and industry groups. The challenge was based, in part, on the idea that the evidence that anthropogenic climate change is a threat to public health and welfare is shaky. A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit found otherwise.


As part of its eighty-two-page decision issued on June 26, 2012, the court wrote (PDF), "The body of scientific evidence marshalled by EPA ... is substantial. EPA's scientific evidence of record included support for the proposition that greenhouse gases trap heat on earth that would otherwise dissipate into space; that this 'greenhouse effect' warms the climate; that human activity is contributing to increased atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases; and that the climate system is warming. Based on this scientific record, EPA made the linchpin finding: in its judgment, the 'root cause' of the recently observed climate change is 'very likely' the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions" (pp. 28-29).



Is there an "Islamic position" on climate change? Can man destroy Allah's plan for us and his design of the world?

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Man is nothing. Man can not even blink, he can not even breathe if Allah did not allow him to let alone "destroy" anything.

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