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The Fiqh of Zakat - Unravelled!




Zakat is the third pillar of Islam coming even before the Fast of Ramadhan and Hajj to the House of Allah. As such, it's importance cannot be overstated. Zakat can also be the most complicated pillar of Islam, especially in modern times where wealth, investments and finance can take a variety of new forms as can the recipients. For us, living in Britain, there is the additional dimension of living as a minority. Just a few of the questions we may have include:


  • How should we allocate Zakat? Who should have priority?
  • Can Zakat be given to educational institutions?
  • Can Zakat be sent to other countries or must it be spent locally?
  • How should we organise Zakat distribution within Muslim communities in the UK?
  • How should Zakat be calculated on investments such as stocks, pension schemes, properties etc.?
  • Is there Zakat on any personal effects? If so, on what and how is it calculated?
  • How is the nisab and the 'time period' determined for perpetual income/savings?
  • Should each and every income be recorded to determine Zakat or is there an easier way?
  • Is it better to give Zakat to individuals or to organisations?
  • How is Zakat calculated on trade and business?
  • Is there Zakat on jewellery? If so, how is it calculated?


No doubt, there are many more questions. The answers for these questions lie in understanding the purpose and the principles of Zakat. It is this understanding that unravels the complexities of Zakat.

MEOC is pleased to present the forthcoming important seminar on Zakat in association with the National Zakat Foundation (NZF). This seminar is delivered by one of the foremost scholars and thinkers of the western world today: Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford University.The seminar will address the important practical principles as well as the inner dimension of Zakat, which together make Zakat a spiritual goldmine (for self purification - tazkiyyah) and a miracle of Islam.


Zakat - The 3rd Pillar of Islam

The Inner and The Outer Dimensions of Zakat


By Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi

When: Sunday 15th July 2012 Time: 10AM - 6PM

Venue: Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge


Facilities: Free parking, crèche/childcare, book stalls, food stalls, free 2-nights stay at the Masjid


Advance/On-line Tickets: From £18 onwards

Click Here To Register





"Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi is a great asset to the Muslims in the UK and his 57 volume work on al-Muhaddithaat (The Women Scholars of Islam) is no doubt going to be a lasting legacy of this great man. I had the blessed opportunity of spending a day with him recently; he is one of those few individuals who in a short period of time can change your entire thinking. May Allah bless the brothers and sisters in Cambridge and those in Oxford who organise and help the Shaykh in his works." - Nasar Ishfaq, Manchester


"The sincerity and piety of sheikh Akram Nadawi was a great source of inspiration for me. His great knowledge was beautifully expressed masha' Allah in a very simple way that touches everyone in the audience regardless of their marital status. I came along with a friend who is a new Muslim not intending to attend all sessions, but we ended up there all day. The emphasis on the importance of the family, how simple are Islamic rules, the distinction between our cultural heritage and the true message of Islam and his openness to answer all audience questions, in my opinion were the reasons behind the great success of the session yesterday. It was a great honour for me to attend yesterday's session and I thank Allah for giving me the unique chance to attend a session by a great a scholar to guide me through out my marriage-life." - Mona ElQazzaz, PhD Student, Cambridge University


"I want to thank your organisation for arranging these series of lectures by Dr Nadwi. I have attended two of these lectures and have found them immensely enlightening. Dr Nadwi is a rare scholar of our times and although he is knowledgeable enough to talk at length on issues of philosophy, literacy or poetry, he is always keen to emphasise the practical implications of his teachings - that Islam in essence is a religion to be practiced with real actions and not confined to theory written in textbooks. MEOC has done an excellent job in the way they have taken care of all the details required of organising such events. I pray that Allah rewards all those involved in all aspects of these courses." - Dr Atiqul Baree, Portsmouth


More Testimonials: http://courses.meoc.org.uk/p/testimonials.html


MEOC is pleased to present this important seminar on Zakat in association with the National Zakat Foundation (NZF). Launched in 2011, NZF is a groundbreaking initiative which aims to utilise Zakat funds and voluntary donations collected in the UK for the benefit of local, deserving recipients. This group includes some of the most vulnerable members of our community, including widows, orphans, refugees, the aged as well as the homeless. The work of NZF covers five core areas which together form an end-to-end service for the Muslim community in the UK with respect to Zakat: Awareness, Education, Calculation, Collection and Distribution. For more information, please visit www.nzf.org.uk. NZF is an initiative of Mercy Mission UK, charity number 1122922.


Click Here To Register



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Why do you keep spamming with the same solicitation? This is against forum rules if any admin cares.

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He is posting these Islamic event stuffs in the 'coming events' section. I can't see anything wrong in his posts.

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      Esta definición excluye lo que se da por cariño y simpatía, como los presentes, por lo que estos quedan fuera de esta definición.
      Estatus legal de las limosnas opcionales
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      ¿Sabías que el zakat es una de las obligaciones prescritas del Islam y es el tercero de sus pilares?
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      Allah dijo: {Pero sabed que Mi misericordia lo abarca todo, y se la concederé a los piadosos que pagan el Zaka y creen en Nuestros signos.}
       [Corán 7:156]
      ¿Sabías que el zakat borra los pecados?
      El Profeta muhammad , la paz sea con él, dijo:
      "y la caridad apaga las faltas, tal como el agua apaga el fuego"
      Lo transmitió al Tirmidhi
      Libros: Al Tirmizi
      Asuntos: El Azaque
      ¿Sabías que el zakat es un requisito para merecer la asistencia de Allah?
      Allah  dijo:
      {Ciertamente Al-lah socorre a quien se esfuerza denodadamente por Su religión, y Al-lah es Fuerte, Poderoso. Aquellos que, si los afianzamos en la Tierra, practican la oración prescrita, pagan el Zaka, ordenan el bien y prohíben el mal.}
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      “A todo aquel dueño de oro o plata que deja de pagar el derecho debido sobre ambos, se le aplicarán planchas de fuego que se calentarán sobre él en el fuego de Yahannam. Se le aplicarán sobre los costados, sobre la frente y la espalda. Cada vez que se le enfríen se le volverán a aplicar, en un día que dura cincuenta mil años, hasta que Al-lah juzgue entre Sus siervos. Entonces se decidirá su destino, ya sea hacia el Paraíso o hacia el fuego”
      [Lo citó Muslim].
      Libros: Muslim
      Asuntos:El Azaque
      ¿Qué es la sabiduría de la prescripción del Az-zakat?
      ¿Qué son los bienes sobre los que se impone el Az-zakat?
      ¿Qué son los requisitos para la obligatoriedad del Az-Zakat?
      ¿Qué es el Nisab?
      Si quiras conocer las respuestas, puedes entrar en este enlace :
      Donde hay un vídeo gráfico muy interesante.
      Vamos a aprender cómo adoramos a Allah correctamente. 
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      - Allah’s statement: “Who is he that will lend to Allah a goodly loan so that He may multiply it to him many times?” (al- Baqarah: 245)
      - On the authority of Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “Whoever spends in charity the equivalent of a date from pure earnings- and Allah accepts only that which is pure- Allah will accept it with his right hand and nurture it for its owner as any of you nurtures his foal –and a foal is the offspring of a horse – until it becomes like a mountain.” [ Agreed Upon]
      - The Prophet ﷺ counted the person who gives alms in secret to be among the seven that Allah will cover with His shade on the day when there will be no shade except His shade: “...and a man that gives alms and makes this secret to the extent that his left hand knows not what his right has spent.”
      - On the authority of Ka’b ibn ‘Ujrah (may Allah be pleased with him), the Prophet ﷺ said: “...and alms extinguishes bad deeds just as water extinguishes fire.” [ Source: At-Tirmidhi]
      source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/voluntary-charity-alms
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      1- Zakah can never be given to any other than the eight categories of people mentioned, even if it is for a good and philanthropic cause e.g. the building of Mosques, schools, hospitals, and other charitable causes which are eligible for alms.
      2- It is not a condition to cover all of the eight categories mentioned; rather, it suffices if any of them is given the Zakah.
      source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/people-to-whom-zakat-is-paid-and-how-it-is-paid