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Women Who Refuse To Die - Srebrenica Massacre

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Women Who Refuse to Die


Filmmaker: Mohamed Kenawi


"When they took away my children in 1995, they also killed me - in the most brutal manner. This is not life .... I had my family and in just one day I'm left without them, without knowing why. And every morning I ask myself why, but there is no answer. My children were only guilty of having the names they had and their names were different from their killers. It was not only my children killed on July 11, 1995; thousands of other innocent children were murdered in the bloody genocide in Srebrenica .... I no longer have anything to lose; the criminals killed all I had, except for my pride."

-Hatidza Mehmedovic


In July 1995, an estimated 8,000 Muslim men and boys - sons, husbands and brothers - were dragged away never to be seen again.


The Srebrenica massacre marks a particularly inhumane and brutal act within the tragedy and bloodshed of the 1992 to 1995 Bosnian War.


This film follows four survivors of the massacre as they look to the future despite the pain of their loss and the angst of trying to make sense of the past.



Source: AlJazeera


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      At least 130 people are injured and three dead after
      two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday
      afternoon. The injuries include dismemberment, witnesses said, and local
      hospitals say they are treating shrapnel wounds, open fractures and
      limb injuries. An eight-year-old boy is one of the three known dead,
      multiple news outlets reported, and several of the injured are also
      At a Monday night press conference, Gov. Deval Patrick urged
      Bostonians to be vigilant on their morning commute Tuesday, and to
      report any suspicious packages to the police. The FBI has officially
      taken over the investigation, and is treating it as a potential
      terrorist attack.

      Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis stressed that the police had no
      suspect in custody yet. "I'm not prepared to say we are at ease at this
      time," Davis said, when asked if the area was safe.

      "This cowardly act will not be taken in stride," Davis said. "We will turn over every rock to find out who is responsible.''

      Davis said Boston police were not aware of any specific threat to the
      marathon before it began. Police said they had no one in custody and no
      suspects, but the Boston Globe reported that a "person of interest" who
      was injured in the blast was being questioned at Brigham and Woman's Hospital Monday night.

      [Related: Full coverage of the Boston marathon explosions]

      Two large explosions, just 50 yards apart, went off at 2:50 p.m. ET,
      more than four hours into the race. One of the explosions happened near
      the entrance of the Fairmont Copley Hotel in Copley Square. The blast
      scattered hundreds of onlookers and runners, and left a bloody scene of
      injured spectators, including children. Local news reporter Jackie Bruno
      wrote that she saw some people with their limbs blown off.
      The Boston Police Department said it is looking for video footage taken
      from the finish line as part of its investigation. Video footage shows
      first responders and bystanders rushing to the scene of the blast to
      help the wounded.

      Boston Medical Center took in 20 patients, including two children,
      most of whom are being treated for "lower leg injuries," a spokeswoman
      said. A spokeswoman for Tufts Medical Center said the hospital is
      treating nine patients for conditions such as shrapnel wounds, ruptured
      ear drums, and "serious orthopedic and neuromuscular trauma to the lower
      legs." At least one patient was as young as three years old.

      President Barack Obama warned Americans in a brief statement Monday
      evening not to jump to conclusions before authorities find out who
      committed the crime. "We will find out who did this," Obama said in an
      appearance in the White House briefing room. "Any responsible
      individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of
      justice." A White House official said the incident is being treated as
      an act of terror.

      NBC News, citing anonymous law enforcement sources, reported Monday
      that a "small homemade bomb" is believed to be responsible for the
      explosion. The FAA created a no-fly zone around the area. Cell phone
      service was shut down in the area, the AP reported, to prevent any
      remote detonations. Family and friends of marathon runners or spectators
      can call 617-635-4500 for information on their loved ones.

      This video from the Boston Globe shows the moment the bomb went off, and the paper has also pulled together dramatic photos from the aftermath. According to marathon officials, several thousand runners had not finished the race when the explosions detonated.

      Police have evacuated the area on
      Boylston Street to continue sweeping for more devices. Runners who had
      not yet finished the race were stopped at mile 25 and directed to Boston
      Common. The Boston Police Department called in all off duty officers in
      the city. This New York Times map shows where on the route the explosions took place.

      [Related: Photos from the scene of the Boston Marathon explosions]

      Patrick called it a "horrific day in Boston" in a statement.

      The New York Police Department is stepping up security around the
      city in response to the explosion. At the White House, yellow police
      tape was used to block off Pennsylvania Avenue from pedestrians in front
      of the White House's north gates and secret service were positioned
      along the perimeter. Credentialed pass holders continued to be permitted
      entry and exit from both the White House and the Executive Office

      --The Associated Press contributed to this report.