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Massacre Of Muslims In Burma (Warning: Contains Pictures)

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DO NOT SCROLL if you can NOT tolerate pictures showing violence, dead bodies ,etc




























































































DO NOT SCROLL if you can NOT tolerate pictures showing violence, dead bodies ,etc


































































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So do not forget: the massacre of Muslims "Burma" inspire young people (Shock photos)







Overlooked at the time when the Arab media and Muslim reference to the massacres, killings that take place against the Muslims of Burma, a large number of young people create hundreds of pages and groups on the "Facebook" for advocacy; against the brutal aggression.



Vmoslemo country "Burma" - or "Myanmar" - currently living in a real hell did not see him in human history ever seen, where the ruling regime in collaboration with groups Buddhist extremist operations tortured mass of Muslims, such as murder, displacement and persecution as well as displacement and the destruction of their homes and their property and their Masjids.



Burma in our hearts



Among these groups, and one as "not to the extermination of Muslims in Burma," which I wrote on its front page: "The suffering of the population of the territory of Staff of the predominantly Muslim fanatics Buddhists in the State of Burma, requires us to declare our rejection of categorical and seek in every way to cope with genocide suffered by the Muslims there, these crimes against humanity, you will move the international community to stop these crimes against humanity that practice, or be governed always selective as we know it? ".



What is known about Burma?



We recall that the State of Burma, the Republic of Mainmar is one of Southeast Asia, has been separated from the Government of British India in the first April 1937.



Photos from the massacres committed against Muslims in Burma


We apologize for publishing pictures





















Source: http://whyhowtofix.b...of-muslims.html

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DO NOT VISIT THIS THREAD if you can NOT tolerate pictures showing violence, dead bodies ,etc


Looks like pictures have been removed from that post. But here are some:














































































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    • By Saracen21stC
          Richard Dawkins' latest anti-Muslim Twitter spat lays bare his hypocrisy
                          The celebrity atheist's Twitter rant against journalist Mehdi Hasan shows he's a believer too – in his own mythology

                                              Richard Dawkins has
      accused Mehdi Hasan of not being a serious journalist for his belief
      that Islam's prophet Muhammad was carried to heaven on a winged horse.
      Photograph: Murdo Macleod

          Richard Dawkins and Twitter make one of the world's great
      pairings, like face and custard pie. But whereas more accomplished
      clowns ram custard pies into the faces of their enemies, Dawkins'
      technique is to ram his own face into the custard pie, repeatedly. I
      suppose it saves time and it's a lot of fun to watch. On Sunday
      afternoon he was at it again, wondering why the New Statesman employs an imaginative and believing Muslim:

      " Mehdi Hasan
      admits to believing Muhamed [sic] flew to heaven on a winged horse. And
      New Statesman sees fit to print him as a serious journalist."
      this is only half the fun. The real comedy comes when he lifts his face
      from the pie, dripping scorn and custard, to glare at the audience who
      can't see how very rational he is. Because there are some people who
      don't understand that everything Dawkins says illuminates the beauty of
      For instance, Tom Watson, the MP who pursued Murdoch, tweeted back
      almost at once: "You really are a gratuitously unpleasant man". To this
      Dawkins replied "Actually no. Just frank. You'd ridicule palpably
      absurd beliefs of any other kind. Why make an exception for religion?"
      "You are gratuitously unpleasant; I am just frank" comes straight out of the Yes Minister catechism of irregular verbs.
      But it gets better. Dawkins continues:
      "A believes in fairies. B believes in winged horses. Criticise A and
      you're rational. Criticise B and you're a bigoted racist Islamophobe."
      It is of course horribly unfair to call Dawkins a bigoted racist
      Islamophobe. Anyone who follows him knows he is an equal opportunities
      bigot who is opposed to Christians of every colour as well.
      But if
      you will tweet, as he has previously done, that "I have often said that
      Islam is the greatest force for evil in the world today", then us
      inferior, less rational types can easily suppose that he means what he
      says, and that therefore he does think that Muslims, especially
      proselytising ones like Mehdi Hasan, are spreading evil and should not
      be employed by respectable magazines.
      Of course Dawkins would
      probably deny with complete sincerity that this is what he means – until
      the next time he says it. This doesn't make him unusually hypocritical.
      It just means that he thinks the same way as people who believe stories
      that are differently ridiculous to his – that the twelfth imam will return, or that Muhammad ascended to heaven on a winged horse.

    • By Saracen21stC
      April 11, 2013

      Recently, a friend forwarded me a link to a web blog. The link points
      to a 400-page document, titled “Islam Virus”, which is a collection of
      misinformation about Islam – how cruel, inhumane and scary Muslims are.
      The owner of the blog mentions that everyone must read the document
      because what is happening in Myanmar today is very dangerous and scary.
      That is, Islam is threatening the existence of Myanmar. Pointing to
      distorted information about gross cruelty, the document urges the people
      of Myanmar to protect Myanmar race and Buddhism by opposing Islam and

      On the left column of the blog site, there are icons (with links) to
      two books. One book is about the colonial-time conflict between Muslims
      and Buddhists, and the other is a well-known anti-Muslim book titled
      “fearful of the extinction of Burmese and Buddhism”.

      On the top of the column was a feature section, labeled National
      Traitors, under which people accused of supporting ethnic Rohingyas are
      listed. They include Dr. Maung Zarni, Harn Yawnghwe of Euro-Burma
      Office, Aung Zaw of The Irrawaddy magazine, Than Win Htut of Democratic
      Voice of Burma, and Burmese section directors of the Voice of America
      and BBC. There are anti-Rohingya posts here and there throughout the

      What I want to say only starts here. Those involved in anti-Muslim
      campaigns consistently claim that Kalars (derogatory term for Muslims
      and South Asians) are taking over Buddhist women and converting them to
      Islam. They also accuse Muslims to be spoiling Burmese woman to destroy
      or swallow Burmese culture.

      Only when I browse through the internet blog, I realize how irrational people are.

      First, the blog urging people to protect Burmese culture and women turns out to a very popular Myanmar web blog.

      Second, and more importantly, it is an abusive and disrespectful blog
      for women. Why? Because it features nude photos of Burmese women and
      leaked videos of Burmese couples. The blog also features photos and
      videos of Burmese women/couples shared by blog visitors.Of course, the
      attention is on ‘women’, especially their ‘passivity’ and ‘suffering’
      during sexual intercourse.

      They found the materials somewhere on the internet, or filmed by
      themselves. Some women, possibly sex workers, allowed the men to film on
      the basis that the films and photos won’t be published on the internet.
      Regardless of the promise, these nude photos and videos made their ways
      to the blog, which is a hard core pornographic blog accessible to
      everyone for free. I will not enclose the blog address here to avoid
      further publicizing of it and its contents, especially the women whose
      privacy the blog has abused.

      As soon as I realized the type of the blog, I immediately saw the
      contradiction: calling for protecting Burmese women from ‘kalar’ on the
      one hand, and abusing women by i) publicizing pirated photos and videos,
      and ii) allowing blog visitors to write sexually abusive comments on
      the other. These comments can be read as verbal rapes. Then, I asked to
      myself, how possibly can these men, shamelessly writing sexually abusive
      comments, protect the nation and the women?

      They said they want to protect the women in order to protect the
      nation, but they are verbally raping the women whose photos and videos
      were pirated. I am amazed how self-proclaimed nationalists claiming to
      protect Burmese women (by means of controlling their sexuality and
      sex-related life) can easily abuse these women. They do not seem to
      think that distributing the women’s nude images for the consumption of
      the men they do not have any inter-personal relations is a plain abuse.

      If they stay true to what they say about protecting the nation, they
      should have opposed to the blog for the sake of the women’s privacy and
      dignity. Far from it, they are the ones disgracing the women; they are
      the one fulfilling their sexual fantasies on a free website. How
      cheap they are!

      This is an important indication that nationalists uttering to protect
      the nation is not a safe refuge for women. These nationalists are in
      fact the enemies of women. They abuse women by dictating personal
      decision over relationship and reproduction. They abuse women by
      exploiting sexuality and body.

      The text said “Sky Net” logo on the TV in the back ground

      To continue with my main point, the blog owner posted the 400-page
      document on August 23, 2012. I thought he changed his attitude. I
      thought he realized he needed to start protecting women and stop abusing
      their private matters. But, the next day, he posted another nude photos
      of a Burmese lady. What is even more surprising is, he highlighted the
      logo of a Burmese channel “Sky net” on the TV in the background to
      confirm that she is truly a Burmese.

      There are many other photos and videos with exact names and locations
      such as cities and countries where the videos were taken. Some
      materials were taken secretly and make available on the internet.

      The blog also links to another website. I am not too sure if
      that belongs to the same person. On the second website, the most popular
      post, as I visited in August 2012, was a nude photo of a Burmese
      medical doctor in Thailand.

      I expected that the woman’s privacy be protected – or at least
      respected – by Burmese nationalists who have been upset and/or worried
      about Kalars taking advantage of Burmese women’s sexuality. To my
      amazement, supposedly the nation-loving and culture-loving blog owner
      only publicized the photos of the doctor. The visitors left more than a
      hundred comments that said they wanted to have intimate relations with
      her (note: of course, their languages were sexually explicit, not even
      some decent comments about woman’s body or the sort, but abusive hard
      core comments). There is no single comment that said the woman’s privacy
      should be respected. The point I want to make is, there is no such
      thing as respect for the woman. It was a plain abuse and disrespect.

      Book titled “Fearful of the extension of Burmese and Buddhism” (Left); Real Burmese Girl (Right)
      The more I browse the blog, the more disturbing things I found. The
      blogger posted the book “Fearful of the extinction of Burmese and
      Buddhism” on the same day as his posting of a Myanmar-born star.
      Similarly, he posted a blog post about Rohingya’s protest in the Middle
      East on the same day as his posting of a pirated video in which a woman
      was being forced to take off her cloth for filming. I found it strange
      that the blog owner was publishing nationalist posts and nude
      photos/videos of women at the same time – how contradicting it is. This
      makes me wonder, if the nationalists are using pornography for
      anti-Muslim campaigns.

      I need to mention another but similar point. The blogger posted
      photos and videos of women specifically in Burmese traditional longyi
      (women skirts). This is because the visitors asked if the women were
      really Burmese. The blog owners highlighted longyi to prove that they
      really were Burmese. I asked to myself: “is this part of Burmese
      nationalism? are they that nationalistic that even their sexual fantasy
      prefer specifically Burmese? This may sounds strange, but it is
      difficult to make sense of how the nationalists can be that sexually
      abusive against the women they said they wanted to protect. Perhaps,
      they do not want Burmese women to have relationships with ‘Kalars’, but
      they think they can abuse the women themselves. Whether or not this is
      how they think, but this is how they appear.

      In any case, the women need not be protected from Kalars, but from
      the Burmese nationalists such as the blog owner and the visitors, the
      sex fanatics who have no respect or what so ever for the women.

      The hard core, sexually abusive comments on this web blog explains
      why anti-Muslim and anti-Rohingya movement in Myanmar is characterized
      with sexually explicit language. Perhaps, they are more or less the same
      people — or the same sort of people. On various websites, insults
      against Muslims in Myanmar have to do with specific words such as male’s
      private part, mother, and the F word, just like the comments on the

      A monk’s swearing against Muslims with male’s private part, mother and the F word

      Translation of the comments:(comment 1) son of a . This is
      our country, Myanmar. If you dog can’t say, leave. Mother [email protected]#$-er.
      Penis. You dog kalar only go to Masjid to [email protected]# your mother. Penis (9
      times). (comment 2) Penis: (15 times)

      One might say, who care about what’s going on with this web blog.
      This is a website. But I care because this is a million-hit web
      blog. Nationalists one way or other band here together, and the massive
      amount of sexually abusive comments towards women is quite concerning.

      This is a good example of how abusive nationalists can be — to be
      more accurate, how abusive “nationalist men” or “manly nationalism” can
      be. One thing for sure is no woman expects protection from the people
      who do not know the words ‘respect’, ‘privacy’ and ‘dignity’.