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Tree Of The Prophets (Poster)

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    • By happy spirit


      The Seal of the Prophets

      “I am one of those who are very much impressed by Prophet Muhammad, who was chosen by the One God to have His last
      message revealed through his soul, heart and mind. He also chose him to be
      the last prophet; hence, no other prophets will come after him.”


    • By MohsinAli
      as-salaam `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

      IHT presents a one-day event with Shaykh Samir an-Nass.

      Isa ibn Maryam - `alayhis salaam
      The aim of this event is to gain some understanding and insight into the life of Prophet `Isa - `alayhis salaam. Moreover and perhaps more importantly, the event will endeavour to examine His return and focus on the impact that Prophet `Isa - alayhis salaam - will have on the Muslims. Also practical advice will be given to Muslims in regards to the manner in which they can prepare for the Day
      of Reckoning as opposed to solely concentrating on the major sign itself.

      Date & Time:
      Saturday 13th April 12:30-03:00PM
      Dallow Road Community Centre
      234 Dallow Road
      LU1 1TB
      For more details:
      w www.islamichometuition.co.uk
      e info[at]islamichometuition.co.uk
      t 07535 835204/07578 705384