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Good Websites For Knowledge And Ideas

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What Internet websites do you like for provocative ideas? I'm going to list some of my favourites!

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/index.html One man's opinions and personal collection of news stories

http://www.thenation.com/ Very liberal site with stories on current events

http://cnsnews.com/news/article/leading-sunni-clerics-demand-global-ban-insults-Islam Very consedrvative site to "get the other side's" views

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Here are some interesting sites with general knowledge and various minority opinions:

  • http://www.khanacademy.org - Learn anything for free with Salman Khan's educational videos on math, physics, chemistry, biology, and more.
  • http://www.minaret.org - Minaret of Freedom: various articles and videos that proclaim that Islam and freedom can be harmonious.
  • http://www.mises.org - This is a site with numerous free literature and videos espousing the Austrian school of economics, which is in opposition to the current Keynesian school that dominates public policy-making.
  • http://www.thevenusproject.com - This site touts an entirely different economic model advocating the abolition of money and rethinking in terms of available natural and human resources.
  • http://www.technocracy.org - This site touts a similar model to The Venus Project's resource-based economy, but focusing on energy inputs and outputs instead.
  • http://marshallbrain.com/manna1.htm - Part 1 of a short story entitled "Manna" and how robotics can be used to either enslave humanity or empower humanity.


There are probably a lot of other sites I've come across over the years, but those were the first ones that came to my head.

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