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What Are The Benefits Of Reading/reciting The Noble Qur'an?

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What benefits can you think of in reciting or reading from the Noble and Glorious Qur'an everyday?


Some great benefits of reading and reciting from the Noble Qur'an sincerely for Allah's sake:


1) Every letter is equal to ten hasanaat. If you recite each letter of the Noble Qur'an you insha-Allah gain ten rewards or hasanaat/blessings for every letter.


If you recite a long Surah in one day imagine the numerous hasanaat you will insha-Allah be earning :)


2) Closeness to Allah. The more you read the Qur'an the more closer you become to Allah and the farther you are from Shaytaan and his evil insinuations/whispers, hence the farther you are from ignorantly following your desires.


3) The closer you are to Allah the more likely your daily du'as for yourself, for loved ones, for the Muslim Ummah and against Allah's unbelieving enemies will insha-Allah surely be answered.


4) The Qur'an will insha-Allah intercede for your free entry to Heaven/Jannah/Paradise insha-Allah.


5) The more you read Qur'an the more you love spending time with Allah and the more you love Allah and Allah loves you the more free you are from silly fitnahs or temptations insha-Allah.


May Allah make us among the Ahlul Qur'an whom Allah loves and is always pleased with, May Allah forgive our sins and wrongdoings and always guide us to all those deeds that please Him. Ameen.


Allahu A'lam. Allah knows best.

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