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Why The "innocence Of Muslims" Silly Video Was Uncalled For

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Allah knows best.


"Masha-Allah, I admire the good qualities and good actions of brother Ahmad (youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/AhmadAlShugairi?feature=watch) in his trying to improve the state of many Muslims nowadays. It's amazing and extremely admirable how just one guy keeps trying to change the whole world to make it a better place not for the sake of fame or good reputation but to please our Lord and Creator Allah alone.


May Allah accept our good deeds and sincere actions to please only Allah, and May Allah shower His Mercy and Light on those hardworking and intelligent Muslims (wherever they are) who spend their lives helping God (Allah) guide mankind to see the right way, solely for Allah's pleasure"

an excellent response IMO regarding why the "Innocence Of Muslims" silly video was uncalled for and unjust



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Note: In my opinion, it is always a good thing to capitalize the first letter of the word of the Noble "Qur'an" and Allah's Names always out of respect.


Allah knows best.

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