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Dear members


Are you interested in learning Arabic and the Quran in its original text? Here is an invitation for you.

I'm offering free group lessons using Skype and Whiteboard. Muslim brothers and sisters, as well as non-Muslims are welcomed to attend my lessons. Gender specific groups can be arranged upon request.


In those lessons, students will learn:

  • Arabic alphabet and pronunciation basics
  • Basic Quran reciting with tajweed
  • English meaning of Arabic words of the Quran

Each lesson is 2 hours, but1-hour lessons can be arranged.

I'm available 5 days a week, Sunday to Thursday, at these times:

  • 7 am to 11 am GMT
  • 2 am to 6 am EST
  • 1 am to 5 am CST
  • 11 PM to 3 am PST


  • Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • .NET 3.0 for Windows XP
  • Skype
  • IDroo Whiteboard
  • PC + headphones, laptop, or tablet
  • Color-coded tajweed Arabic Mushaf (provided online by teacher)
  • No camera is necessary
  • No Quran reciting skills are necessary
  • No knowledge of Arabic is necessary

We also invite other members who's mother tongue is Arabic and can teach Arabic Quran to join forces, and form their own student groups, to help me teach as many members as possible. I can train anyone interested in learning how to teach Arabic Quran online, using Skype and a whiteboard. Those 2 tools together make a perfect environment for distant e-learning, as if the teacher and students are all in the same room.


For reservations, please PM me.

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As salaam alaykum


That is a very good idea of yours brother. InshaAllah it will be a success and may Allah reward you for all your time you dedicate to helping others learn about Islam.

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Jazak Allah khair for your efforts.May Allah reward you for your struggle.

We also offer Online Quran teaching services all over the world.you can check our website for more info unique Quran Academy

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