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Always Failure...

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why am i always failure in life? i cant get a job, i cant get a wife, and i have no friends. my family is sucks and i dont want to associate with them.

i am not bad. i finished my college faster than everyone with excellent soft skills but there is no company which want to hire me. it has been 2 years already! other adults around me are working, only me being unemployee.

i come from rich and prestigious businessman family. heck,my father doesnt even want to hire me! my mother stops taking care of me. my siblings are avoiding me like plague.

i have tried to pray to Allah but there is no answer until now. failure after failure keeps happening like daily routine. everything i try always fail. i have through countless interviews untill my driver know me by name mr. interview but not even once i am success. i tried to make business proposal for my father to finance it but my father rejected it. i try business online but maybe it will take years untill i get a few dollars.

i am mentally depressed. coming from rich family with excellent trackrecord in school but become an unemployee? it is so embarassing beyond any comparation. i never been this low in life before.

no women will want an unemployee like me.no friends will hang out with me since all of them busy working also i am very introvert.praying also out of question.i think i want to die.

if you want to give me sermon then do it before it is too late.

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And I can't see any strong reason for you to be so much depressed. You should be happy that Allah :sw: has given you such a wealthy family. There are so many humans who have (financially) poor parents and they suffer as a result. Also, you are trying your best to get a job. It 's just not happening. That means you should not blame yourself. Your duty is to keep on trying (which you are doing). And the rest is up to Allah :sw:.

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I have a solution for your problem...............



Recite surah Yaseen and surah fatah after fajr prayer....try to offer Tahajud....





 recite surah WAQIYA after maghrib...it is specially for those who are jobless..........

surah Yaseen will help you to release depression..and do not stop praying to Allah......he is testing the strength of your faith.....he will response to you Inshallah very soon...I assure you......because I know Allah do...........i






Tell me with detail exactly what your father said to you about job.....he is not allowing you to help him in his bussiness or he is giving you a small job??do reply...I think that I might be able to help you......

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