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Salaah - The Purpose Of Our Life

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Salaah - The Purpose of Our Life

Shaythan is our sworn enemy and is always trying to divert our attention and focus away from the real purpose of our life. Therefore we have to continuously try and remind ourselves as to why we are here and what the REAL purpose of our life is.
Have we been created to study, work, get married, have kids and then die? Well you could say that these are very important aspects of our life but they are not the very purpose of our creation. Our creator the Almighty Allah tells us the sole purpose of our creation:
"I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship" The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 51, Verse 56
What is the greatest form of worship to Allah? The answer is: Salaah!
Salaah is the second pillar of Islam and is the most important act of worship after the Shahada (decleration of faith).
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “The first thing that a person will be questioned about is his prayers.” (Tibrani)
If we pass this question then whatever comes afterwards will be easy. But if we fail to answer this question then whatever comes afterwards will be very difficult.
Therefore it is the most important act of worship that a Muslim can do on a daily basis. It certainly is not something a Muslim should take for granted
The Consequances of missing the prayer:

Missing Salaah intentionally is tantamount to disbelief:
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: "What lies between a man and disbelief is the abandonment of prayer." (Muslim)
The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, "The agreement that is between us and them is the prayer: whoever leaves it has disbelieved." (Reliance, p4.2)
Imam Baihiqi (Ra) narrates that ‘Umar (Ra) states that a person came to the court of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and asked, “What is the most beloved deed in Islam in the Sight of Allah?” The Prophet (Peace be upon him) replied, “Performing Salah at its allocated time. Those who forsake Salah have no religion and Salah is a pillar of the religion.” (Sha’bul Iman with Reference from Dur ul Mansoor Vol 1 Page 296)
So we must realise the seriousness of each and every prayer that we miss. It is so serious that to intentionally miss a prayer may take one out of the fold of Islam which is tantamount to disbelief. To die in such a manner without repentance would be a terrible death indeed and a complete waste of a life.
Many people in Hell will be of those who used to miss Salaah:
And Allah says of the people of Hell (interpretation of the meaning):
“ ‘What has caused you to enter Hell?’
They will say: ‘We were not of those who used to offer the Salaah (prayers)’” [al-Muddaththir 74:42-43]
Missing one Salaah like losing family and wealth:
Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: The person who missed even one salaat is as though he has been deprived of his entire family and wealth. (ibne Hibban)
Allah angry & displeased with the one who used to miss the prayer:
The person who intentionally misses even one Salah will meet his Lord in such a manner that the Lord will be displeased with him. (Majmu’az Zawa’id Vol 1 Page 295)
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: He who abandons Salaat shall meet Allah in a state that Allah will be very angry with him. (Bazzaar, Tabarani)
Allah does not care about other good deeds of one who missed Salaah:
“The person who meets his Lord in such a manner that he missed Salah, then Allah Ta’ala will not care about his other good deeds.” (Kitabul Kabair Page 38)
Do we really want to meet our lord with him angry and displeased with us and not caring about other good that we did in our life just because we neglected our most important obligation which is the Salaah. What a terrible waste of life that we died not pleasing our creator and not fulfilling our most imporant obligation unto him.
Those who missed Salaah will be with the worst of creation on the Day of Judgement:
Hazrat Abdullah Ibni Umar (Ra) narrates that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “The person that performs his five daily prayers punctually and with complete purity will be surrounded by light on the day of judgment. The person that abandons and does not pray, his accounting will be with Fir’aun and Haamaan.” (Ahmed)
One day the Prophet (Peace be upon him) was talking about prayers and said:“Whoever performs these prayers punctually, they will be light for him on the day of judgment and will lead to his forgiveness. The person that does not pray will not have any light and will not be forgiven. He will be with Qaroon, Fir’aun, Haamaan and Ubai Bin Khalaf on the day of judgement.” (Masnad Tabraani)
What can be worst than being with the worst creation of Allah on the day of judgement? May Allah save us from such a terrible day and eanble us to save ourselves by praying our daily Salaah.
The one who abandons Salaah has destroyed his faith:
Hazrat Umar (Ra) narrates that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “Prayer is a pillar of faith. Whoever abandons it has destroyed his faith.” (Baihiqi)
Faith is the best gift imaginable. There is no gift better than faith. It is everything. The one who has faith has everything. The one who loses faith has nothing.
So do we really want to destroy our faith which is more precious than anything else? So the time to act is now!
Missing Salaah the worst habit imaginable:
How many of us miss our daily Salaah each and everyday not even thinking of the consequances? It becomes like a normal habit to miss our Salaah but what we must realise is that we are taking ourselves out of the fold of Islam and committing a very major sin.
After a while of missing Salaah it becomes like second nature. One starts not to feel bad about missing Salaah anymore. Such a terrible habit that is beyond words. It is a habit that will ruin our life in this world and the next. It will cause us to meet Allah whilst he is displeased with us. It is a habit that will ruin us in this life and the next.
Therefore we must make our Salah our priority and the most important thing we do on a daily basis as it is the very purpose of our creation.
Shaythan is very well aware that Salaah is our biggest obligation and so therefore is forever trying to divert mans attention away from fulfilling this obligation to Allah.
He whispers every excuse possible into our eyes and unfrotunatley a lot of the times we fall victim to his whispers.
Part time Muslims
Many of us have become "part time Muslims". The following are some categories of part time Muslims:
Unfortunatley many of us are "Eid Muslims" as in we pray every the Eid prayer but what we don't realise is that Eid is only Waajib (compulsory) and not even Fard (obligatory) even though waajib is close to Fard but do you see the point? We are Muslims twice a year and the rest of the year just Muslims by name.
The there are the "Ramadan Muslims" who are just Muslims in Ramadan. They will make the effort to pray in Ramadan and even make the effort to pray Tarawee but the day Eid comes then Eid Salaah is the last Salaah they will read until next Ramadan.
There are also MANY of us who are "Jummah Muslims" who are only Muslims for Friday prayers and the rest of the week are only Muslims by name. We chase this world as if we will be here forever but what we don't realise is that NOTHING that we chase in this world will be of any good to us in the hereafter. So are we chasing after the wrong thing? Should we not be chasing after the hereafter?
Many of us have also become "Convenience Muslims" as in we only pray when it suits us best or "when we have time". We must leave this concept of only being Muslims for Eid, or in Ramadan, Jummah or convenience whenever it suits us best.
You will even hear of Muslims saying that Islam is "personal" and only in the heart. Such a thing does not exist in Islam. Islam should be practised in every aspect of our lives as it is not a religion but a complete way of life. So there is NO such thing as being a part time Muslim or keeping Islam "personal" or in the "heart".
Enter into Islam FULLY not partially:
We CANNOT be Muslims whenever it suits us. We CANNOT be Muslims only by name and not action. Therefore let us be proper Muslims and be proud of the fact that we are Muslims and that we have been given imaan but if we neglect our imaan then we may risk losing it and destroying ourselves.
Allah tells us In the Qur'an to enter fully into Islam and not partly:
O believers enter into Islam completely and do not follow the footsteps of Shaitan, surely he is your clear-cut enemy. If you falter after receiving the clear-cut message, then keep in mind that Allah is Mighty, Wise. Are they waiting for Allah to come down to them in the shadow of clouds, along with the angels, and make His decision known? Ultimately all matters will be presented to Allah for decision. (Surah Al-Baqara, Ayah 208-210)
Allah does not expect us to be perfect angels but he will judge us on what efforts we made throughout our lives. When you hear a person say "I try to read Salaah or i try to do what i can". Do you think they are really trying? Or are they just saying they are and decieving themselves? If we really tried we can do anything.
We can decieve ourselves but we cannot decieve Allah. Allah knows us better than we know ourselves and he knows what we are capable of and praying 5 times a day is not impossible for any of us.
Salaah only takes 3% of our day:
If we calculate how long it would take to pray 5 times a day then you could sum it upto around 40 minutes a day. Now there are 1440 minutes in a day and 40 minutes out of 1440 of our day is ONLY 3% of a day and we still can't manage that? Many of us spend that much time eating, excreting or in front of a mirror and we can't even spend it praying and fulfilling the very purpose of our creation? We spend hours on end in front of the television or listening to Music or playing our playing the latest play station games or seeing who's poked us on facebook but we can't spend a few minutes praying to the one who has given us EVERYTHING we can possible imagine and far more? We are truly at loss!
Many of us work full time jobs having to work almost everyday of the year having to get up at early hours in order to do so. If we can do this then can't we pray Salaah 5 times a day for a few short minutes that it takes to pray them? If we really did try then we would not fail in praying our 5 prayers but we decieve ourselves and we end up wasting our lives decieving ourselves and then regret it later on when it is too late! Let us not be of those who will regret it forever!
Put more effort into the everlasting life in the Hereafter:
Therefore we MUST put most of our efforts into investing good deeds into the hereafter for that is what will truly benefit us FOREVER and the gains of this world will only benefit us for a very short while because we will not be able to take our wealth with us. We will leave EVERYTHING we have invested into this world here. So we can work SO hard all of our lives but then we can die the next day and all that would have gone to waste.
I'm not saying don't do anything for this world because obviously we have been created to earn our sustanaince with our own hands but where should we put most of our efforts into? Where do investors make their investments? In long term or short term gains? Obviously long term gains. So using this analogy let us think where we should most of our investment into. If we compare where we will spend more time then is it in this world or hereafter? Obviously the hereafter because the hereafter is forever whereas this world can end for us ANY moment.
The time for change is now for tomorrow may never come:
So let us internalise these changes in our heads and immerse ourselves into our beautiful way of life and not let ourselves stop practising as soon as Ramadan is over for the best way to know if our Ramadan has been accepted or not is if we actually make changes to our lives after Ramadan is over. If we go back to how we were before Ramadan started then how can we except for our Ramadan to be accepted.
I'm not saying that we should become saints overnight but what i am saying is that we should at least fulfill our obligations to Allah and that is to establish our 5 times prayers and to keep away from that which Allah has forbidden. If we can't pray the Sunnah and Nafil then we MUST at least pray the Fard as a minimum.
Rather than moulding our life around our Salaah we mould our Salaah around our life so whenever we are sitting around at home then we decide to pray.
We must remember that it is an act of kufr(disbelief) to neglect the Salaah beyond its correct time and this is for missing one Salaah but how many Salaah do we continuously miss day in and day out? Some scholars even say missing Salaah intentionally takes one out of the fold of Islam. This is how serious missing Salaah really is!
It is a major sin to miss even one prayer and leaving even one Salaah without a valid excuse is said to cause one to spend tens of thousands of years in Jahannam and on top of that every Salaah missed is VAST rewards missed out which we will never be able to gain back.
Therefore it is incumbant on us that we fulfil ALL of our Salaah and not make excuses as to why we cannot fulfill it because Islam has been made easy for us but it is us who makes it hard upon ourselves and because of the amount of sins that we committ we find it hard to do even simple acts of worship.
Allah has made it so easy for us so let us not make it hard for ourselves and let us not listen to the lame excuses that shaythan and our desires gives us.
Let us not waste a second more for death can approach us at ANY moment and believe me death does not wait for ANYONE! It comes not a second ahead or before its appointed time and if our Salaah is not right then surely we are doomed to destruction.
So let us fulfill our very purpose in this life which is to worship Allah. We need to keep reminding ourselves of death and the hereafter and also the greatness of Allah. We need to always remember our time is too short and can go at any second. So let us never leave another Salah and when we pray then let us imagine we can see Allah and he is watching us pray so it is best to learn the meanings of what we are praying in our Salaah.
Please watch this short clip and repent and turn back to Allah now and waste not a second more!


Tips for waking up for Fajr Salaah:
1. Try to sleep as early as possible if you do not need to do anything imortant after Isha Salaah because the earlier you sleep the easier it will be to wake up for Fajr
2. Try not to have any heavy meals in the evening as this will make it harder for you to wake up for Fajr
3. Try to encourage your family to also wake up for Fajr and tell them of the importance of Salaah as well as the fact that it is the purpose of our creation. If your family wakes up for Fajr then it will also be easier for you as they would also wake you up. If one or two of your family members do wake up for Fajr then tell them to also wake you up.
4. Make firm intention in your heart that you will wake up for Fajr no matter what and ask of Allah in your dua to make it easy for you to wake up for Fajr prayer.
5. Put on two or even three alarms and put them on 5 minutes apart and put them in places in your room where you know it will be a struggle getting to them. This way you will have to be wide awake to get to the alarms. As there will be three of them this will prevent you going back to bed again.
6. Most importantly when you awaken for Fajr then do NOT say to yourself i'll lay for a bit and then get up. This is the biggest trick of shaythan to make us fall asleep and miss Fajr prayer. As soon as the eyes are open then go straight to the bathroom.
May Allah enable us to fulfill our daily prayers and be pleased with us in this life and the next. Ameen

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Very nice post Friend. At the end of it all we have been given the Quran to read with proper Tajweed and to be able to understand it with translation. We have also been given the prayer to recite with proper etiquettes to better ourselves. Allah (swt) has given us both these to ask for his help in time of need and to also make prayers for not merely oneself but the entire Muslim race. 

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