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Are Saudi's The Only True Muslims?

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I didn't watch but it must be so.


I would say that if you didn't watch it then you missed the point!


But isn't this a 'sect related' post and against the forum rules?





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it is sily clip but it is opportunity to make clarification:


no muslim on earth today call himself wahhabi!


muhammad bin abdul wahhab may Allah have mercy on his him is a muslim scholar who lead a reformation in the Arabian peninsula and his call resonated in many parts of the muslim world, it is a salafi call nothing is new about it he called muslims to leave innovations mainly to abandon worshiping graves and learning the true oneness of Allah swt and to apply shariah or the Islamic law as the ruling constitution of the state and to go back to the Quran and authentic sunnah, there were others scholars like him in his time with the SAME teachings in all muslim world but the did not manege to accomplish what he did


salafi term refers to the way of the sahabah as the authentic school of understand Islam, they the same like other muslims regarding the understanding of the law of Islam and they differ in their understanding of the divine names and attributes of Allah swt and some other issues in creeds they with the ashari school are the closest in practicing the true version of Islam

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IF does not allow discussions of different sects in Islam. This complex issue will require more than ordinary Muslim's knowledge to engage into various theological differences and interpretations of Islam. All Muslims should make Quran and Sunnah their only source of guidance. Therefore, we advise everyone to stay away from all sects. Please read about them in our 'Avoid All Sects and Cults' forum, here:



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