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Joining To Help Spreading Islam

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Assalamu Alaikom brothers & sisters,


I have joined this forum to try to help is spreading the religion of Islam.



We have introduced very recently a website to receive requests for Free Islamic Books. Our main objective is to show to all mankind the beautiful message of Islam. One of the best ways is to let them read and learn about the beautiful Islamic Teachings.

This website is available for all mankind to submit their requests for free books, whether Muslims or Non-Muslims.

The free books various from simple basic knowledge books to advanced teachings. Special books for females as well as non-Muslims are also available.

The great part is that all books are FREE. And also the shipment is also FREE.

Our intention is to spread the words of Allah and the beautiful teachings of Islam.

Please help us to distribute the link to as many people as possible.

The website is: www.islamicbooks4free.com
Email Address: info[at]islamicbooks4free.com
Twitter Account: [at]books_islamic

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You guys are doing great job. :m: Keep it up.



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