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'canonization' Of The Qur'an

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Salaam alaiykum to my Muslim brothers and sisters.


Now before I begin I know I need to explain the topic as many are probably already objecting to the use of the word canonization.  Well as I understand it the Qur'an was oral not written and once it was written it still was not put together until later.  Now the question that I was hoping someone else was going to ask and he did not is how do we know when it was put together?  What is the oldest one?  Do we have the original one that was pieced together or only copies?  And if it is not the original then how do we know that it is the same as the original words of the prophet?


I am not doubting Islam, the prophet, or the Qur'an.  Simply inquiring as to natural questions that individuals with logic would wonder. 

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Wa 'alaikumu as-salamu wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh


This book will provide the answers to your question:

The History of the Qur'anic Text from Revelation to Compilation


It is a pdf-file. It is a comparison study between the the transmission of the Qur'an and the Bible. The pdf-file shows sideways in the begging, so you will have to rotate it to view it properly (you'll understand once you open the file).


This is another excellent resource that provides answers to your questions:



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