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Forty Hadith Of Imam An-Nawawi Including ‘Ijaazah With Shayk

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Forty Hadith of Imam An-Nawawi with ‘Ijaazah
A  unique opportunity to study this essential hadith collection with an  extraordinary muhaddith and teacher of our time with ‘Ijaazah linking to  The Prophet (SAW)

London Special Weekend Seminar with Live Worldwide Online Access

Teacher: Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford)

Date: Saturday and Sunday 6-7 April 2013  Time: 9:30AM - 7:00PM

Venue: Edmonton Islamic Centre, London + Live Online Web Access

Details and Registration: Cambridge Islamic Sciences Seminars (CISS)

The  Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi is a classical and timeless collection of  the most important traditions of the Prophet (SAW) giving the essence of  Eeman and Islam. It has always been considered an essential text for  every student of knowledge as the understanding of these ahadith is  fundamental to the belief and practice of a Muslim. This special weekend  seminar on the Forty Hadith provides a unique and unmissable  opportunity to study this important collection in the ideal, traditional  way - with the guidance of an extraordinary teacher, true scholar and  Muhaddith (an expert of Hadith) of our time, who has devoted many years  to the study and research of hadith. Every  student will receive a signed certificate and Ijaazah from Shaykh Akram  for the Forty Hadith and hadith musalsal bil-awwaliyyah linking them to  the Prophet (SAW).

Features: Course notes, onsite accommodation for both brothers and sisters, crèche facilities, free whole-day parking and refreshments.

Cambridge Islamic Sciences Seminars - Muslim Education & Outreach Cambridge (MEOC)

Mobile: 07736 779448  Tel:  01223 655223   Email: courses[at]meoc.org.uk


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      "None of you will have faith till he loves for his brother, what he loves for himself" - Bukhari Book 2, Hadith 12
      Many Scholars (including An-Nawawi) interpret the word "Brother" here as brother in humanity
      Therefore I always treat my fellow human being with respect, whether he's muslim or not because that is how I would want people to
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    • By al-Afghanee
      Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

      Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah,

      TAYYIBUN INSTITUTE - West London Branch (Wembley)
      Three Months Structured Islamic Courses for Adults (September - December 2013)
      Qur'an, Tajweed, Arabic Language, Aqeedah, Tarbiyyah and Authentic Spirituality studies

      Brand new courses available
      Now enrolling (register online or in person)
      Limited places
      Fully segregated facilities

      Tayyibun Institute course terms run for three month periods (four terms per year) and all classes are taught once a week per subject each term thus providing our students the opportunity to advance themselves through levels in their selected discipline.

      - Arabic Language (Levels 1 to 2)
      - First Step to Qur'an (Beginners)
      - Tajweed ul Qur'an (Level 1)
      - Hifdh ul Qur'an (Memorisation)
      - Aqeedah 101: Belief in Allah
      - Aqeedah 201: Usool Ath Thalaatha (The Three Fundemental Principles)
      - Tarbiyyah: Biography of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم)
      - Authentic Spirituality: Paragons of the Qur'an

      All our course instructors have experience from across the Middle East and the UK to teach Arabic language, Qur'an and Islamic studies to English speaking students, some of the teachers for these courses include:

      - Ustadh Wasim Kempson - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Abu Hudhayfah - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Abu Bilal - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Abu Anees - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Abu Hafs - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Abu Abdillah - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Mohammad Najy- EGYPT
      - Ustadh Shaqur Rehman - EGYPT, SYRIA & K.S.A
      - Ustadh Abu Bakar - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Abdullah Sliti - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Mozzaffer al Qari - EGYPT
      - Ustadh Abdullah al Maghribi - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Abu Hudhayfah - MADINAH
      - Ustadh Mohammed Khalifa - K.S.A
      - Ustadh Abu Taymiyyah al Maghribi - MOROCCO
      - Ustadh Ahmed al Jazairi - ALGERIA
      - Ustadh Mohammed Ismail - EGYPT
      - Ustadh Abdul 'Aleem Alomgir Ali - EGYPT

      - Ustadha Umm Omar al Farouq - JEDDAH
      - Ustadha Umm Ehab - JORDAN
      - Ustadha- Ustadha Umm Adam - EGYPT & K.S.A
      - Ustadha Umm Shuaib - EGYPT
      - Ustadha Umm Zakariyyah - MOROCCO
      - Ustadha Asma Khelfa - ALGERIA
      - Ustadha Umm 'Aisha - EGYPT
      - Ustadha Umm Abdul Rahman - JEDDAH & RIYADH
      - Ustadha Muneerah al Ghamidi - JEDDAH
      - Ustadha Farhia Yahya - EGYPT
      - Ustadha Umm Nour ud Deen - ALGERIA
      - Ustadha Umm Saida - KENYA
      - Ustadha Umm 'Abdullah - U.K
      - Ustadha Umm Yusuf - INDONESIA

      Those interested in enrolling any Tayyibun Institute course which will be taught at our West London branch (Wembley) can either register online securely using Paypal or alternatively can attend in person to register with fees:

      - Option 1: Register Online
      Simply register securely now online at: Our Courses via Paypal (no surcharge)


      - Option 2: Register in Person
      Attend a registration day at our Tayyibun West London Office on one of the dates below with your tuition fees. (Registration staff will await to welcome, assess, advise and help you enrol for your chosen course/s)

      Registration dates and times:

      FEMALE STUDENTS : 10.00am - 6.00pm (on any of the chosen dates below)
      MALE STUDENTS : 7.00pm - 11.00pm (on any of the chosen dates below)

      Monday 19th August 2013
      Tuesday 20th August 2013
      Wednesday 21st August 2013
      Thursday 22nd August 2013
      Friday 23rd August 2013
      Saturday 24th August 2013
      Sunday 25th August 2013

      *Registration for students enrolling in person will take place at the Tayyibun West London Office, Wembley Central Masjid, 35- 37 Ealing Road, London HA0 4AE

      Nearest public transport to our Office :
      TUBE: Wembley Central / Alperton Station / Wembley Park
      BUS: H17, 18, 79, 83, 92, 182, 204, 223, 224, 297
      MAP: http://http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=518123&y=184865&z=0&sv=HA0+4AE&st=2&pc=HA0+4AE&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf



      Telephone : 0207 702 7254
      Mobile : 07949 713 902
      E-mail : info[at]tayyibun.com

      Wasalaamu Alaikum,

      Tayyibun Institute
      Tayyibun Institute UK
      For the Teachings of Qur'an and Sunnah

      *We maintain a full 100% segregation system between the two genders making Tayyibun Institute a safe and comfortable place to study for all.
      *Tayyibun Institute is a non-partisan organisation, we are not affiliated with any groups or Islamic organisations. We welcome all students of knowledge.
      *Should you have any genuine difficulties in registering online or attending our office on the registration dates please do contact us, you may also arrange for a friend or relative to register on your behalf.
      *All classes are taught once a week per subject for three months.
      *Do register on the early enrollment dates to avoid disappointments as our courses are always in high demand al Hamdulillah.
      *Please note all details contained are for Tayyibun Institute courses for Adults at our West London (Wembley) branch.
      *Certificates provided upon successful completion of a course.
    • By MEOC
      Are You A Parent?
      The "Ultimate Parenting Course" is Coming to Town

      Surah Yusuf is an amazing surah that deals with the HUMAN CONSCIENCE in the form of a story. One aspect of this story is the relationship between the child and the parent. On this point Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi comments as follows:

      "The unifying concern of this surah is human conscience – how it is informed, how it is trained and tested, how it is supported and rewarded. This concern is not presented as an argument or doctrine but as a story. We need to reflect on the central concern of the surah and also on why the form of a story works so well to convey it...

      Conscience is located in the deep interior of a person; it is separate and removed (in some ways, protected) from the external world and from the habits of other people. The unfolding of the story in this surah is a demonstration that the integrity of a person’s conscience is sustained by their commitment to connection with God. The attitude and behaviour of Ya’qub and Yusuf, ‘alayhimaas-salam, throughout the intricately woven incidents, demonstrate that these two men are, at all times, aware of being in the presence of God and answerable to Him. The feeling never leaves them that God is present and God is good: when there is not the least sign of things turning out well for them, they seem able to wait with a gracious patience for things to turn out well. At no point do either of them neglect to think, speak and act in the best way, i.e. in the way most pleasing to God.

      Conscience is a personal teacher. What it teaches is sometimes also taught by social convention and religious rules, and laws derived from these. But in the end, norms and conventions, the rules and laws in society, are not sufficient to deter people from doing wrong – if they see other people do something wrong and get away with it, they think: why shouldn’t I do the same? Only a strong, healthy conscience can prevent people from following the habits and manners of the people around them and, instead, doing what pleases God and doing it in the way that pleases God." - Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

      There are many different courses, books and lectures on parenting and raising children by both Muslims as well as Non-Muslims. This informs us that there is a real issue with raising good children as well as "raising" good parents. But the irony is that these materials and courses often times deal with issues in very superficial ways focusing on techniques, methods, skills, philosophies and ideas. Far from being helpful these are sometimes harmful to both the child and the parent. What is beneficial is beneficial only in a very limited context. The simple reason for this is that they do not really deal with the human conscience which makes the moral judgements and not to mention the fact that the authors themselves have no strong and healthy conscience.

      The "Ultimate Parenting Course" is the one that makes the concern of the HUMAN CONSCIENCE central and most important - this is none other than Surah Yusuf - The Best of Stories. If you want to be a good parent and if you want your children to be good children then having a deep understanding of Surah Yusuf is a must for you. This is an opportunity for the whole family with crèche facilities for younger children (2-12 years). You cannot afford to miss this lifetime opportunity.
      Book your place now as the registrations are nearing an end.
      Surah Yusuf - The Best of Stories at The Best of Times

      Ramadhan Weekend London & Online Seminar

      By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford)

      Date: Weekend 27-28 July 2013 | Time: 9.30AM - 6.30PM

      Venue: Edmonton Islamic Centre London + Live Online Worldwide

      Overnight accommodation (for men and women) if required and crèche facilities available.

      Limited seats - previous London seminar attracted over 200 people.
      Trailer: http://youtu.be/XfdVitz4qys (2 minutes)
      Video Introduction: http://youtu.be/-PAawIenGUQ (5 minutes)

      Make This Your Ramadhan Retreat

      Buy your tickets now: http://courses.meoc.org.uk

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/<wbr>events/310119099121919
      Please forward and share in the reward!

      Cambridge Islamic Sciences Seminars - London

      Muslim Education & Outreach Cambridge (MEOC)

      Tel: 07736 779448 / 01223 655223 Email: courses[at]meoc.org.uk