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Jung Personality Test

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“Architect”. Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood.

I’ve taken about three or four variations of the Jung-Myers-Briggs test now and I grow increasingly skeptical with each of them. You read the results and at first you think, “Hey, that’s me!” And then you begin to notice certain things. Especially after taking the test more than once.

You begin to notice, with those versions of the test which give very long versions of the results, that you are for the most part basically getting your own answers to the test questions thrown right back at you. A classic trick of cold readers.

You begin to notice that the test itself seems to consist of about five questions or so repeated endlessly with some slight variations in wording. That’s hardly reliable science.

You begin to notice that the human personality, in the end, really isn’t quantifiable to begin with.

You don’t have to be a sort who’s naturally well built to discern contradictions to spot these things. You just need watchful eyes and an open mind.

The angels are recording our deeds as we speak. That’s the document of our personality that really matters. And the only one that could ever be accurate.

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Hmm, ok. I know it most probably just tells you what you already know about yourself, but it's fun to take anyway. 

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