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AlSalam Alykom Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatoh


Peace and mercy and blessing be upon you.



Do Some Muslims really think it is ok to lie to promote religion ?

Why ? Where do they get this from ?? and what is there to lie about ??





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Salamu alaykum,


Taqqiya  is from Shia doctrine , the principe is the individual can deny his faith.


And what happen is syria especially from Bashar, Iran and Hizb Allah is political issues therebye they want to conduct the middle east to a Sectarian war.


May Allah protect our sisters and brothers in syria and All our Umma

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Well here is a Muslim cleric from Egypt clearly disagreeing. He says, loud and clear, you can lie to make someone convert to Islam


There are dozens of similar comments from Clerics.


It is also accepted that Muslims may tell lies IN WAR. "War is deception", Mohammed said, and "I have been made victorious with terror." But Muslims have been in war for 1400 years, and they are commanded to fight non-Muslims until they either are dead, convert, or pay yizyia, which I am informed BY A MUSLIM means "protection money". Protection from who? From Muslims? If  Allah orders the collection protection money, does that mean he is a mafia don?  Muslims are ALWAYS at war. See Qur'an 9:28-30, and other places. Non-Muslims are "the enemy", and the "worst of people", "fuel for hell fire". In fact. a surprisingly large amount of text in the Qur'an is devoted to those who do NOT follow Islam, more than any other religious text I have ever looked at.


And then you are telling ME I "hate"? You who think have the right to push me to the "narrowest part" of the street because of your religion? You who demand that I should pay you "protection money" while you slap me with a slipper or optionally spit at me?


Therefore I am afraid nothing much any Muslim says to a non-Muslim about Islam is trutworthy. I have to use Muslims texts, and work it out for myself.

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I do not care what a Muslim clerk have to say if it disagrees with the Prophet Peace and Praying Be Upon him, he will get his punishment from Allah, as anyone else who commit a sin

I saw this video, it is quite annoying, but notice he is someone on TV. and most of them are wired. except a few.



you have to understand, that Muslims governments, media, education ... etc , are all controlled by Zionist hypocrites . and they work hard to fight us internally and ruin our religion. (if you want a prove of that I can show you tons )


but they will never succeed , it is only a period that the Prophet PPBUH told us about , like many others have past,




war , marriage , and fixing a relationship between two people , are only places Muslim allowed to say what ever to make it work,

but note,

it does not consider lying,

and it has nothing to do with lying about the religion



you need to read into it with justice, not judgment.



clarification ...

war = to prevent mass killing of Muslims,

war= all parties have to know they are at war,

war ex.= I am going to attack you west, but actually I attack east/



marriage = to prevent a divorce ( is better than divorce or home problems that affect many people )

marriage = is sacred, and divorce is the most hated HALAL thing to Allah. as the prophet PPBUH have said.

still have nothing to do with lying about religion .



fixing between friends = just in fixing, not in ruining, or using or or...

fixing between friends = to prevent recklessness between two people who used to be friends , they might start talk bad about each others (gossiping) , or betray a secret , or or ..

fixing between friends = once they are back as friends , they will realize the silliness of their disagreement

still have nothing to do with lying to promote religion.




these cases are not considered lying , and you do not get the sin of a lie,









fight is different than KILL .

I am fighting you now , and your silly ideas looking for problems where there aren't any,

while disregarding the big picture,,




but any way, every great man in history, have been fought against, Jesus PBUH, Moses PBUH, Muhammad PBUH , and who ever you can think of either died in assassination , or lived a tough life,


that is the life of a Muslim , a lot of hatred coming against us , but we have to face it with wisdom and self-deceiplen




I dare you to find one verse in the Quran or in the Prophet PBUH teachings ordered us to start a fight ???






Jizya is not just a protection money, it is a tax system, goes for charity and well being, even Muslims have to pay similar thing called Zakat.


but if the NON-MUSLIM was too poor to pay , they would deserve from that charity capital .


that is what Islamic economy should be based on , charity , with no Usury , (which is #1 reason for the west economic crisis ))




 The Quran is a realistic book, do you want it to take about what ?? while we are getting attacked all the time ,,


it is true Muslims are at war a lot , but always someone is attacking us ,,,


and if we attack out of mischief in the land , we will get punished ..


but since the the Time of Muhammad PPBUH , Muslims who follow the Quran , are the ones who succeed in their life and have great achievements, the ones who do not stick to the Quran , are nothing more than a sinful Muslims , not a role model




The Quran talk a lot about non-Muslims for many reason.

it is not just for muslims, it is a warning for every one.

it is warning the ones who did not submit , that they better submit to their creator or they get punishment .

it keep repeting the warning that they might wake up

it warn us from them, as not to trust them, not to give them authority over us.

but never not once we are ordered to kill or harm them out of hatred

but we have to hate non-believers for the arrogance and ignorance they keep them selfs at.




if you want to use Muslims texts is ok ,

but use authentic ones, not any one !


and the Quran is the most Authentic book.




if they blocked you from here , I do not know why would they , but if they do,, feel free to contact me on youtube , I have the account for this video I uploaded , and I ll discuss anything with you....

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