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Hi, Christian Interested In Becoming Muslim

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Maybe before I go into the forum I can ask this here. I don't know if I would be welcomed to become Muslim. I am very serious about this. Nobody
has formally introduced me to the religion, but I used to know some Muslims and I have been doing some reading. I was raised Christian and
have been a serious believer all of my life, up until two years ago I
have been losing my faith, but I have not completely let go or ruled
out that Christ was miraculous or the son of God. One of the main
reasons why I want to become Muslim, is because I feel like the
Christian community has failed me and I am drawn to how disciplined
Muslims are. I think I would feel safe and covered by Islam. I have done
some reading. I am afraid that if I don't become part of a community
that takes their life serious I am literally going to die. Is my
reasoning for considering becoming Muslim acceptable? Would I be
unwelcomed for the concerns I mentioned, including the fact that I can't
go as far as denouncing Christ? If I would be welcome, then where
should I start?

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Welcome to the forum Celeste. Many Muslims from Christian background come here. All of us will try our best to help you.

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Welcome to the forum Celeste

You need no reason, permission or excuse to become a Muslim. This is something entirely between you and your creator. And surely you are most welcomed to become a Muslim, not just in this forum but in the entire Muslim community around the world. In fact, you can become a Muslim right now, by just saying the shahada (declaration of faith) in the privacy of your own room. Here is a link to a simple tutorial on how to say it in Arabic first then in English:
But before you recite it, make sure you believe that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is his messenger.


When you become a Muslim, you'll soon discover that its not just a religion, but a complete way of life. It would be the best decision you can make in a lifetime.

By becoming a Muslim, you will not lose your faith in Jesus, on the contrary, you will love him even more. Jesus is a human prophet, not god or son of god. Those who say so are in fact insulting Jesus.
You cannot become a Muslim, or even a believer, if you think that prophet Jesus is god or son of god.
Your creator AL-Mighty says in clear decisive divine words:
"Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One, (1) Allah, the Eternal Refuge. (2) He neither begets nor is born, (3) Nor is there to Him any equivalent." (4)" Quran - chapter 112

Let us know if you have any question. We'll all be more than happy to assist you sister.
Read this topic, as it has lots of tutorials for new Muslims:

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As a reference any Christian who becomes a Muslim gets a double reward, this is part of Allah's favour and love.


Some passages in regards to Jesus (alahissalam).


“O people of the Scripture (Christians)! Do not exceed the limits in your religion, nor say of Allah aught but the truth. The Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, was (no more than) a Messenger of Allah and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary and a spirit created by Him; so believe in Allah and His Messengers. Say not: "Three (trinity)!" Cease! (it is) better for you. For Allah is (the only) One Ilah (God), glory be to Him (Far Exalted is He) above having a son. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allah is All-Sufficient as a Disposer of affairs.” (Qur'an 4:171)

"O Jesus, son of Mary! Remember My Favour to you and to your mother when I supported you with Ruh-ul-Qudus so that you spoke to the people in the cradle and in maturity; and when I taught you writing, Al-Hikmah (the power of understanding), the Torah and the Gospel; and when you made out of the clay a figure like that of a bird, by My Permission, and you breathed into it, and it became a bird by My Permission, and you healed those born blind, and the lepers by My Permission, and when you brought forth the dead by My Permission; and when I restrained the Children of israel from you (when they resolved to kill you) as you came unto them with clear proofs, and the disbelievers among them said: 'This is nothing but evident magic.'" (Qur'an 5:110)

"O Jesus, son of Mary! Did you say unto men: 'Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allah?...(he will say on the Last Day) Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner-self though I do not know what is in Yours; truly, You, only You, are the All-Knower of all that is hidden (and unseen).” (Qur'an 5:116)

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Why would a Christian get a double reward from Allah's favor and blessing for becoming a Muslim and not an atheist for instance?


Because they belong to the People of the Scriptures, and the Covenants. Athiests are not.

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Welcome to the forum celeste


I am a revert to Islam, I used to be a Catholic. Believe me choosing to be a Muslim was the best thing I ever did and if you need any help I am willing to help you. 


There are some anti Islamic scripture out there which I am sure you have come across like I did when I was researching Islam. I would say go to the quran first before you start reading secondary sources so you can feel its true beauty. 

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