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      i’m a 25 yrs old girl married with one daughter,i have a very good mother she loves me a lot before i married after my marriage she like my husband more than me we are all live in a same house in France. iam a only daughter to my mother when i firstly married my mother started to give food to my husband with her hand like a child but my husband said plz let me eat but she didn’t want to hear she continued after that i got pregnant she didn’t take care of me i got very ill  that the time my husband said to my mother plz just stop treating me like a child if u want to take care of someone just plz pay more attention to your daughter she i bearing a child that the she started to fight after that she want my husband to kiss her forehead before going to sleep or awake from sleep or like my husband going to work she force my husband to kiss her forehead she want my husband sleep in her lap i can’t tolerate this anymore.
            she didn’t want to even give me and my husband some privacy.she always sit with me  if one day we forget to call her in my room if me and my husband spend time like just 10 minuets she got a big fight  she is so jealous of me if my husband like me.she lied to my husband like your wife is bad and when i get sick iam in my room i heard she said to my husband like she is fake her illness just don’t give take care of her . when i heard this iam  sad .she did lots of bad things to me.now she make a big big problem like she told my 6 yrs old daughter don’t let ur dad kiss you,don’t let him touch you.after that my daughter behavior is changed i ask her why she said grand mother said to me like this iam very shocked my mother want my husband to kiss her forehead but she don’t want to kiss her little daughter she is even more bad now.     my husband is a good person he pray 5 times he is good in his iman.she even stated to  tell me don’t let ur husband touch ur daughter don’t let him play with her . she give me example like astafirullah there is lots of father rape her own daughter, so be careful. she force me to tell me this to my husband like iam a nut head maybe she want me and my husband got fight.alhamdulilah now we got separate house.but she continues to tell my daughter don’t let ur father kiss you.thats the time i décidé i didn’t talk to her or see her anymore like 1 month i didn’t talk to her i scared of my daughter life that’s why i make a decision like this she just want my husband to lover her.thats why she make lots of bad things.i didn’t want to astafirullah enter hell because of my mother plz what can i do . i already give her warnings don’t tell like this to my daughter but she didn’t hear anything that why i make a final decision.plz sister or mother just help me what can i do now plz ..
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