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Looking For A Job In Toronto - Canada

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Salamu alaykoum,


I'm new to this forum. I have immigrated to Canada three weeks ago. I come from France and I'm a muslim woman wearing the hijab.I'm currently in Montreal but I've been told by other muslim women that hijab is not accepted in Quebec and that it's better for me to moveto Toronto which is more cosmopolite.


I would like to know if there are muslims who live in Toronto  andcan advise me on finding a job while wearing a hijab : is it easy, is there any help I could get from muslim community for that?


I thank you for all advice and help I can get from you,


Baraka Allahu fikoum,


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Bienvenue au Canada :)


What kind of job are you looking for? What is your educational background? 


And yes Quebec has been very anti-Immigrant in recent years and they are becoming increasingly intolerant.


Please send me a PM if you dont want to discuss on public forums.



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I do pray and hope that you find something suitable soon In-Shaa-Allah.


It's sad to hear that hijaab is not "accepted"

Alhamdulillah, here in South A there is no question of the attire we choose to wear as working muslims.
There are a lot of "anti-Islam" people around, but not half as bad as what other countries have to put up with or go through.


My duaa's are with you :)

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السلام عليكم


Thanks Hasib and Faati for your answers and sorry for the late reply. I was busy preparing my trip to Toronto and I'm finally flying next Sunday insha'Allah.


I'm looking for a job as bilingual receptionist English/French. I have over 5 years of experience in Reception Desk tasks including administrative and clerical skills. I have also worked as a customer service representative for 2 years freelance.

As for my education background, I have an Associate's degree in Trilingual Secretarial Science since 1999 - I've studied English, German and Arabic.


I would be very grateful for any help to find an opportunity in Toronto downtown to work in my professional field : as I said in my first message, I'm looking for job where I can wear my hijab without any problem and also where I can do my prayers on time at work.


Baraka Allahu fikum,






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