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This is a copy of the excellent website: islamreligion.com for you to download and read offline at your convenience.

It has an extensive collection of articles about Islam. Its recommended for anyone new to Islam. This is a multi language copy. You can read the articles in:


  • English
  • Español
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • 中文
  • 日本語

This offline copy is compressed and self extracted, no need for a decompression tool.

Download: The Religion Of Islam

size: 229 MB (2.36 GB after decompression)


Here are the article categories included in this download:


Article Categories
Logical Proofs     (24 articles)
Benefits to Society     (13 articles)
Beliefs of Islam     (158 articles)
What is Islam     (17 articles)
About God     (27 articles)
The Purpose of Life     (19 articles)
The Hereafter     (32 articles)
Paradise     (6 articles)
Hellfire     (9 articles)
Men     (96 articles)
Women     (126 articles)
Personalities     (30 articles)
Comparative Religion     (131 articles)
Jesus     (52 articles)
The Bible     (15 articles)
Christianity     (16 articles)
Mary     (9 articles)
Judaism     (18 articles)
Hinduism     (4 articles)
Buddhism     (2 articles)
Sikhism     (2 articles)
Scientology     (2 articles)
Uncommon Faiths     (15 articles)
The Holy Quran     (71 articles)
His Characteristics     (15 articles)
His Biography     (19 articles)
About His Sayings     (14 articles)
Current Issues     (81 articles)
Human Rights     (9 articles)
Women     (37 articles)
Islamic History     (18 articles)
In Brief     (10 articles)
In Detail     (8 articles)
Systems in Islam     (66 articles)
Family     (13 articles)
Politics     (3 articles)
Economy     (11 articles)
Justice     (4 articles)
The Environment     (13 articles)
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:ah: . A great gift in the Holy month of Ramadan.

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A Muslim is one who submits to Islam. Islam is submission to the desires of Allah. Islam is what is brought out in the Quran, the words of Allah.

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