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What Do Muslims Love About Jesus?

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Jesus said we should "forgive those who trespass against us.

That means I should forgive someone who kills my mother, brother or father or all of them. If I cannot forgive them, then God will not forgive me for my many trespasses!

Forgiveness is powerful, but it doesn't mean the people will not be punished for their wrong. They will be punished, but we must have forgiveness in our hearts at all times. Having that kind of forgiveness is only possible in Christ. He said, "father forgive them for they know not what they do"


thanks for your previous answer, what I meant is: how can you apply the principle you mentioned (for example forgiving your mother's killer) in practical life?

I'm trying to imagine, you will go to him at his house and say I forgive you? 

or should be the state/judge capture him and tie him down and ask you if you like to forgive otherwise they will apply the law (killer should be killed, if that what you have in Christ law like Moses's god's law, I'm not sure if you have another judgement)?


In a general, how to apply Christ spiritual teachings on ground to keep every one's rights and keep life going?

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You are welcome. I am happy to answer this question. Forgiveness is for our benefit mostly, but it also clears a person from that sin against you with God, but there are still consequences for his action. Forgiveness doesn't always mean dismissal of consequences.

For example, a girl put a poison solution in my drink at the public school I worked at. I started drinking but spit it out. She was expelled from that school and her family was fined. I told her I forgave her, but she suffered the consequences of her action. I would have allowed her back, but the school system wouldn't


ok, I got you now. then the state will apply the earthly law and so she will pay the price of what she did. but I wonder, if you didn't forgive here, what may could happen more worse than that what she got?!!

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