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Halal -Is Slaughtering The Most Merciful Way To Kill Animals

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There are 100s of pages on the net describing why bleeding an animal to death is torture, so I will not go into that.

I will also not go into the entire set or rules around halal and what it means to different Muslim groups.


My question is: why do you personally think that killing an animal quickly by electric shock is less humane than slowly bleeding it to death?


Thank you

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Controversial issues like this one, are often discussed repeatedly between moderate and strict Muslims. To save our members' time and minimize the confusion, specially for those new to Islam, we have prepared a centralized topic, where you can read what scholars had to say about it. These issues should only be discussed each in its designated topic (some topics are prohibited to discuss in IF, and so you'll only be able to read what we have for you there).


Please click to see a list of our topics on controversial issues. That list covers issues that members cannot discuss elsewhere in IF.


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