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New Rule For Non-Muslims

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Dear members


A new rule #22 has been added to our forum rules.



Not responding to discussion points raised by Muslims > 1 point


I noticed that many good Muslim members dedicate much of their time to advise non-Muslims to the true path, and why their current religions are full of falsehood and lies. Yet, some of the non-Muslim members resort to attacking Islam instead of responding to the discussion points raised by Muslims, to escape from answering. This exhausts Muslim members, and get both parties nowhere. We need all parties to be honest and stop playing games. So, from now on, if any Muslim member found that the points he raised during any discussion with a non-Muslim was being avoided, please report it, and we will add 1 point to the rule violator, each time they get reported.


The purpose of the new rule is to encourage non-Muslims to respond to honest debates with Muslims, instead of the technique of attacking Islam to avoid responding to the original points.

Honest non-Muslims will not be affected by that rule, while others should re-think and adjust their responses accordingly, or face accumulating warning points.

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