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The Jews Of Medina - Free Copy For Today

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For August 27th, it's available for today if you have Kindle or Kindle-compatible devices.




Who were the Jews in Medina (Madinah)? Did they share the same beliefs
as the Jews in Palestine? What Scriptures did they have? What of the
Jewish Muslims? Who was Uzair? Why were they expelled? Did the massacre
of Banu Qurayza really happen? Is it true that all Jews and Christians
from Arabia were expelled during the Rashida Caliphate?

This book is an attempt to chronicle the Jews living in Medina (especially
during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w) using the most authentic
sources we are able to gather from the early Biographers, with criticism
of their texts and sources, historical analysis, the Qur'an and Hadith
collections including Exegeses and scholarship.

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