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A New Criminal Case Fabricated In Ufa (Russia, Bashkortostan

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FSB accuses Muslim youth in preparing to seize power in Russia
According to various sources, the 26th of August 2013 in Ufa FSB, detachment of special police (OMON) and Center "E" MIA RB raided the Muslims suspected of belonging to the "Hizb ut-Tahrir" (non-violent Islamic political party banned in Russia).
Four of them are incriminated not only participation in a banned organization (Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the RF-2), but also preparing for a violent seizure of power (Article 30 Part 1 - 278 of the Criminal Code), which is punishable by imprisonment for a term from 12 to 20 years. Over the last year it's - the third criminal case on "Hizb ut-Tahrir" in Russia, where appears clearly false accusation under Article 278 of the Criminal Code. In this case, evidence of preparation "violent seizure of power" is questionable examination of seized religious texts. According to reports from Ufa, announcing the beginning of the operation is learned from the morning's message on the network "Vkontakte" independent Islamic journalist Tagir Minbaev, his door was broken open by OMON (detachment of special police). Eyewitnesses reported that the journalist was limping noticeably when he was led to a police car (perhaps he was injured during the arrest.) The searches were also held in Ufa residents Aydar Garifyanov, Eugene Kulagin, Rasim Sataev, Alexei Khamadeev, Ildar Ibragimov, Ramazan Avdikeev, Rustem Khamzin and Nart Hasanov. Aydar Garifyanov, Eugene Kulagin, Rasim Sataev and Alexei Khamadeev taken into custody. The press service of the regional Federal Security Service said the agency "Interfax" on initiation of four criminal cases on Article 30 Part 1 - 2 8 of the Criminal Code. The rest of the suspects charged with Article 282-2. Events in Ufa confirm the previously expressed concerns by the human rights defenders that Article 278 can be used as a tool of political repression of the independent members of the Muslim groups. The main evidence of preparation for the violent seizure of power are not the specific actions of the accused, but questionable examination of seized religious literature. This kind of examination has previously been used intelligence to justify the controversial accusations of "extremism." However, this time it is not about anti-extremist articles of the Criminal Code of small weight, but to bring an accusation, qualifying as a serious criminal offense. Over the last year the Article 278 used in two more cases of "Hizb ut-Tahrir." 

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