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The Special Relationship Between Creator And Creation

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Adapted from: Who deserves to be worshiped by Majed Al Rassi


Some religions call to idolatry indirectly while proclaiming the unity of God while others openly call to the worship of others besides God. Why is idolatry so sinful in Islam? It diverts worship from the Creator to His creation. It necessarily implies elevating the creation to the status of Allah and thus equating creation with Him. This explains why idolatry is the greatest sin a human being can commit. One who dies in a state of idolatry has sealed his/her fate in the next life.


Humans should not worship other than Allah because it makes no sense to worship the creation which is weak in nature and neglect the Creator which controls this creation and the whole universe. 


Do they associate with Him those who create nothing and they are [themselves] created? And the false deities are unable to [give] them help, nor can they help themselves. (7:191-2)


Some idol worshippers try to justify what they are doing by saying they treat the idols as mediators or intercessors. This is an incorrect belief because Allah does not need mediators between Him and people. He hears and knows everything and can directly respond to all the needs of creation. Allah invites humans to have a direct relationship with Him without any mediator or intercessor, and He prohibits them from worshipping anything other than Him under any circumstances. 


Many non Muslims before the time of prophet Muhammad claimed that they believed in Allah as the Creator and Sustainer, however they said that they merely used idols as a means of drawing closer to Allah or as a means of having prayers answered. This continues today - those who pray to saints, those who ask dead relatives to help them, those who pray to statues - and they still claim they believe there is one Creator. 

Allah rejects these people asking them when they are in trouble whom do they call on? They call upon Allah indeed. When confronted on the Day of Judgement will these people continue to put hope in their entities besides Allah? Allah warns them that on Judgement Day these objects/people they once called upon for help will distance themselves from them. He even warns us that despite these objects/people not being able to help other people, they cannot even help themselves! For Allah is the only One who can help. 


This is the special relationship between Creator and creation. Allah never made it difficult for us humans to call upon Him. He has made it so easy for us to communicate with Him. He likes for us to call on Him for help directly. He likes for us to thank Him directly. This is the special message of Islam which makes it different from other religions. We do not need to confess our sins to a priest, we do not need to have any intermediary, we do not need a saviour. 


Regardless of where you are in the world, regardless of your wealth, gender, class, education etc, every human being on this planet has the ability to connect with their Creator. It is a personal relationship in which anybody can find the truth of life. 


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