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The Last Breath - Fiqh Of Death & Inheritance

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The Last Breath - Fiqh of Death & Inheritance

Taught by Sh Abu Eesa Niamtullah

November 8th, 9th 10th & 16th 17th (Double Weekend)

Imperial College LondonSW7 2AZ


The Last Breath is a double-weekend seminar that will take you on a journey through the stages of death and immersion into the afterlife, and open your eyes to a new understanding of dealing with the grief of death. This course is taught by our knowledgeable and respected instructor Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah who will delve into the fiqh (jurisprudence) rulings surrounding the janazah (funeral prayer), burial rites, wills, inheritance, and more. His cross-cultural analysis and in-depth study of the topic makes this seminar's worth incalculable!


Watch Trailer here >> 


“The grave calls out: O dwellers of the earth, you have focused on building a realm that will soon pass away, and you have neglected the realm to which you are moving quickly...”

- Ibn al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah


By the end of this seminar you will be able to:

--> Comprehend the multifaceted fiqh rulings surrounding funeral rites (including: washing and shrouding the body, and janazah practices) within the context of the Sunnah of our beloved messenger (peace be upon him)
--> Understand the path your soul will take once it leaves your body; in the stage of the grave, and on the day of judgement
--> Know the etiquettes of visiting the graves, the Sunnah of visiting the sick, and the offering condolences to people who have lost their loved ones
--> Through looking at real life examples, establish a firm grip on the intricacies of inheritance and the rulings of passing on wealth or properties to one’s family members
--> Ensure that you honour those who have passed away by identifying and embracing the various Sunnah practices concerning death

Immerse yourself in the serious study of topics and issues surrounding death and the passage of the soul that are often misunderstood. Take the journey towards objectively understanding some of the most emotionally challenging issues that a Muslim can grapple with...


Enrol here >>> Enrol Here 


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website: www.almaghrib.org/london 


Qabeelat Alshams | Almaghrib Institute 


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      Enrolment Link & Website: www.almaghrib.org/london 
      To find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/almaghriblondon
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      along the perimeter. Credentialed pass holders continued to be permitted
      entry and exit from both the White House and the Executive Office

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    • By MEOC
      The Magnificent Journey - Starting in September
      An Amazing Journey Through The Last Two Parts (Juzu Tabaarak and Juzu 'Amma) of the Qur'an, From Surah Al-Mulk to Surah An-Naas, by one of the foremost Islamic Scholars and Thinkers of the Western World today
      The last two parts of the Qur'an contain the short surahs which were revealed in Makkah including the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This was when the Meccan society was seeped in doubt and darkness. Allah (SWT) chose to dispel the darkness through these succinct yet very powerful surahs. The society today (although materially advanced) has somewhat gone back to the days of Jahilliya or Ignorance and therefore the power and the relevance of these short Surahs in bringing the people back to light, certainty and guidance cannot be overestimated. Furthermore, these are the Surahs which are widely read in the Prayers and memorised by many because of their short length. Therefore the effect it would have to understand these Surahs in a deep and meaningful way is immeasurable.
      This year long journey is undertaken with one of the foremost Islamic Scholars and Thinkers of the Western World today. It is a unique Journey unlike any other. No amount of reading books on this Surahs or listening to lectures will help as much as undertaking this Journey with a scholar of traditional training coupled with deep thinking who will bring vast amounts of resources together to make these Surahs applicable to the modern context.
      For the first time ever MEOC is offering a Magnificent Journey Pass that would give entry for the whole year with additional features such as free entry for the children for a limited time. The Pass is priced in a such a way that attending just 5 out 10-12 sessions would cover the cost. These seminars are now also offered online live for the international audience.
      The Magnificent Journey
      An Amazing Journey Through The Last Two Parts (Juzu Thabaarak and Juzu 'Amma) of The Qur'an From Surah Al-Mulk to Surah An-Naas
      By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)
      When:3rd or 4th Saturday/Sunday of the Month Time: 10AM - 6PM
      Venue: Cambridge University or Anglia Ruskin University

      Sunday 23rd September 2012 - Anglia Ruskin University
      67. Surah Al-Mulk to 68. Surah Al-Qalam
      Saturday 20th October 2012 - Cambridge University
      69. Surah Al-Haaqqah to 70. Surah Al-Ma'aarij
      Saturday 17th November 2012 - Cambridge University
      71. Surah Nuh to 72. Surah Al-Jinn
      Saturday 22nd December 2012 - Cambridge University
      73. Surah Al-Muzammil to 75. Surah Al-Qiyaamah
      Saturday 26th January 2013 - Cambridge University
      76. Surah Al-Insaan to 77. Surah Al-Mursalaat
      Saturday 23rd February 2013 - Cambridge University
      78. Surah An-Naba' to 80. Surah 'Abasa
      Saturday 23rd March 2013 - Cambridge University
      81. Surah Ath-Thakweer to 84. Surah Al-Inshiqaaq
      Saturday 20th April 2013 - Cambridge University
      85. Surah Al-Buruj to 89. Surah Al-Fajr
      Saturday 18th May 2013 - Cambridge University
      90. Surah Al-Balad to 96. Surah Al-'Alaq
      Saturday 22nd June 2013 - Cambridge University
      97. Surah Al-Qadr to 114. Surah An-Naas
      Sunday 21st July 2013 - Anglia Ruskin University
      Bonus: 1. Surah Al-Fathiha and 2:255 Aayat Al-Kursi
      Sunday 25th August 2013 - Anglia Ruskin University
      Bonus: Miracle of The Qur'an

      There will be a minimum of 10 sessions in this year long course. They can be booked individually or as a whole.
      http://courses.meoc.org.uk <<<<<< Click Here To Register
      One-Year Magnificent Journey Pass - £147 (less than £13 per session)
      Individual Sessions
      Advance Tickets: Adults £25, Children £12.50, Half-Day £15
      Live Online Web Access £49.50
      Crèche Facilities - £15 per child for whole day.
      Features of the Magnificent Journey Pass:

      Attending just 5 sessions covers the cost of the pass.
      Accompanying children can attend the seminar for free.
      Reduced price for crèche facilities at only £10.
      No booking fee (payment by bank transfer or cheque)
      Payment in two instalments if required

      Limited number of passes available!
      "Alhamdulillah I've attended 3 seminars of Sheikh Akram's so far, and Insha Allah I will keep coming back for more! He was introduced to me by my brother who attends his study circles regularly in Oxford. I loved the seminar on Women scholars in Islam, it was a total eye opener into what a Muslim woman's role in society is, which surprisingly (or not) goes against many cultiural and conventionally held notions of Muslim women. My other favourite one was the tafseer of Surat al Fatiha and the last ten surahs, I will not be exaggerating when I say that I truly found it mind blowing. Sheikh Akram is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge but Masha Allah he always carries himself with the utmost humility. I have already had a look at the list of future seminars and I think MEOC is doing a great job in giving the layman an opportunity to have an exciting insight into the world of Muslim scholarship with its choice of highly intellectual topics. Last but not least, its a great opportunity to meet new people of diverse backgrounds. Well done all of you and may Allah reward you for your efforts." - Dr Fathima Shyma Fazal, Boston, Lincolnshire
      More Testimonials: Cambridge Islamic Sciences Seminars (CISS): Testimonials

      Muslim Education & Outreach Cambridge (MEOC)
      23 King Street, Cambridge CB1 1AH