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History Of Islamophobia

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As salaam alaiykum wa rahmatullah,


I am convinced that there would be a great deal more Muslims if there was not a steady campaign against Islam.   Most would claim that the history of Islamaphobia in the western world and the U.S. goes back to 9/11 but anyone that is from the U.S. knows this is not the case.  Even before the attacks on the twin towers there was still a resentment towards Muslims.  At that time they were known as hijackers and are depicted as such numerous times in movies. 


What I am wondering, though, is how far back does this go? 


Undoubtedly there was a campaign started by the Catholic Church during the time of the crusades even to the point of accusing Muhammad (s.a.w.) of being the antichrist.  But, is this the starting point that just trickled down to the protestant religions or is there more to it than even that?

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Oh I am well aware of the projection by media.  I can't even begin to name the number of times I have tried to get decent movies about Islam or with Muslims only to be sadly disappointed.  I even got one that was supposed to be about showing the similarities between Islam and Christianity.  That movie turned out to be nothing more than propaganda of how to convert Muslims.  Anytime I find a supposed "documentary" about Islam they can't seem to simply lay out the facts.  Instead there is negative commentary, or injections, especially towards the prophet.  


http://www.thepenmagazine.net/history-of-islamophobia-and-anti-islamism/  <- this link lays a lot of it out pretty well


I do think this particular article leaves out the fact that the media campaign against Islam started around the era of the Crusades as well.  One of the greatest examples I can think of is a work by Dante Alighieri:



Who could describe, even in words set free

of metric and rhyme and a thousand times retold,

the blood and wounds that now were shown to me!

At grief so deep the tongue must wag in vain;

the language of our sense and memory

lacks the vocabulary of such pain.

If one could gather all those who have stood

through all time on Puglia’s fatal soil

and wept for the red running of their blood

in the war of the Trojans … if all these

were gathered, and one showed his limbs run through,

another his lopped off, that could not equal

the mutilations of the ninth pit’s crew.

A wine tun when a stave or cant-bar starts

does not split open as wide as one I saw

split from his chin to the mouth with which man farts.

Between his legs all of his red guts hung

with the heart, the lungs, the liver, the gall bladder,

and the shriveled sac that passes #### to the bung.

I stood and stared at him from the stone shelf;

he noticed me and opening his own breast

with both hands cried: “See how I rip myself!

See how Mahomet’s mangled and split open!

Ahead of me walks Ali in his tears,

his head cleft from the top-knot to the chin.

And all the other souls that bleed and mourn

along this ditch were sowers of scandal and schism:

as they tore others apart, so are they torn.

Behind us, warden of our mangled horde,

the devil who butchers us and sends us marching

waits to renew our wounds with his long sword

when we have made the circuit of the pit;

for by the time we stand again before him

all the wounds he gave us last have knit.” (Inf. 28)

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Although there is particular mind have captivated the main stream of west especially United States but fooling can be made once, twice or may be thrice but not more than this. The revolutions will we televised through religious moderates one day by their character. InshAllah.

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Those with an agenda will always try to supress it- the true message of Islam, the way of life etc.

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I dont know about all of that doc but what I do know is I just read an article that makes me feel so uplifted about the future of this country.





The last of Monday's speakers was Rhiannon Dotson, a 12-year-old sixth-grader from Orlando.


“I feel we should learn about all cultures and religions,” she told the
School Board. “This whole thing is about hate and ignorance. Please
don't teach me and my friends hate.”


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