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My Uncle's Soul Needs Duas.............

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Dear brothers and sisters, i want to tell you that a close uncle of mine passed away due to a sudden cardiac arrest today. He was very young (about 32) and he smoked and did not offer prayers alot. But he loved his family very much. He was a spendthrift person but he spent alot for his family. He had been having a financial crisis and was struggling for alot of time. He dearly loved our Prophet (pbuh) and Imam Ali, his namesake. Please, brothers, please pray for him and add your pleas to mine own.

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O Allaah, forgive and have mercy upon him, excuse him and pardon him, and make honorable his reception.

Expand his entry, and cleanse him with water, snow, and ice, and purify him of sin as a white robe is purified of filth.

Exchange his home for a better home, and his family for a better family, and his spouse for a better spouse.

Admit him into the Garden, protect him from the punishment of the grave and the torment of the Fire.

O Allaah, forgive our living and our dead, those present and those absent, our young and our old, our males and our females.

O Allaah, whom amongst us You keep alive, then let such a life be upon Islaam, and whom amongst us You take unto Yourself, then let such a death be upon faith.

O Allaah, do not deprive us of his reward and do not let us stray after him. 

O Allaah, he is under Your care and protection so protect him from the trial of the grave and torment of the Fire.

Indeed You are faithful and truthful.

Forgive and have mercy upon him, surely You are The Oft-Forgiving, The Most-Merciful. 

O Allaah, Your servant and the son of Your maidservant is in need of Your mercy and You are without need of his punishment.

If he was righteous then increase his reward and if he was wicked then overlook his sins.

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may Allah forgive all his sins and make janatul firdowns his abode.

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