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Fiancée Found Jesus Or Jesus Found Him

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Hi, I've had a bit of a roller coaster of a week. A lot has changed and now I find many of my "supposed" future problems resolved!! However, this in itself throws up other issues. Main thing we are still going to marry and this May will see this happen.:)


My fiancée and I had not spoken for a month to give us time to reflect on things, in that time I've been finding out about Islam, and thank you to those on this forum who have contributed to my queries. My fiancée was doing the same, as his faith has been wavering for many years he was also reading the Bible and finding out more about my faith. He rocked up last week and said he now considers himself a Christian and has left Islam. This was a huge shock to me as I never thought this as a possibility I always kind of thought the onus would me on myself to convert to Islam before he would leave Islam. So I don't know what to think. He said it was nothing to do with me or our relationship. He had doubts for a long long time before he knew me he was only going through the motions of Islam to please his family. :( he tried really hard to attain a relationship through prayer with God and after his visit to Tunisia with his family last year he came back, I thought at least a better Muslim, in as much that he was showing an interest in his faith again. We were all thinking he had turned some kind of corner at last. Now he says he still felt the same emptiness that he had previously but he wanted to give himself another chance.


I don't know if you could say he found Jesus or Jesus found him, but he was passing a church near where he lives and went in. He asked God for guidance and says he felt for the first time in years a sense of peace and belonging. I can see he is a happier person within himself and I'm pleased for that but this has come at no small personal cost to himself, which is how the new problems have arisen. That of his family.:(


His family will not speak to him except for one of his sisters, he has left the family home and has moved in with a friends flat. This is a horrible situation, I know his family must be very hurt especially his parents but I am hoping they will come round eventually and see he is still their son. My question here, is should I make contact with them myself and try and talk to them about it? although I admit I'm not sure what I could say to make things any better. :( in fact I feel a bit of a rubbish girlfriend not being there when my fiancée needed my support, so intent was I on keeping to our "time out" period. :( I have always got on really well with his family and I know they were pleased by my efforts with my Quran and trying to get their son interested in his. I have spoken with his sister on the phone and she says Mil and Bil don't believe I have influenced him in his decision but I don't know what to say to them. Would a letter be better in the first instance?


I don't supposed anyone here has had much experience of this sort of thing, but if it happened in your family how do you think you would feel? I mean would you come round eventually and make peace with the family member concerned?


Thanks for listening,

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Wow. I do not envy you, lol.  The best thing you can tell him is to not rush into anything.  I have always been of the belief that there is nothing wrong with questioning one's faith.  You should encourage him to thoroughly investigate both for a little bit and go from there.  Also, this way you can reassure the family that while he has converted to Christianity you tried to encourage him to take his time and really try to think things through some. 


That is the only thing I can suggest as that is what my wife did when I was teetering.

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I don't think he's rushing anything, he has struggled with this for years. He has come to this decision after much soul searching I don't see I can be casting further doubts at this point. I'm more concerned for his family relationship. :( I feel I want to get in touch and try and make them see he is still their son and they are still his parents and that relationship is to precious to lose. He is their only son after all, he has sisters. Although that shouldn't matter any, but you know that thing with sons many people have.


I'll give his sister a ring, we're quite good friends. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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