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Salam brothers and sisters, 

Ramadan Mubarak Said! I have been working on, a new mobile app called Ahli for several months now. After much struggle we were alhamduli'Allah successful in raising enough money we need. We are currently developing the app and need your help. 

What is Ahli? 

For those who never heard of Ahli, Ahli solves a pressing problem that a major part of Muslim communities suffer from. Hectic schedules have made it very hard for fellow Muslims to find time to plan a prayer in congregation, and as a result, praying in groups has significantly reduced. Ahli is a mobile application that offers a solution to that. Through geo-localization, our application enables people in the same area to quickly plan a meeting to meet and pray. 

We need your help: 

As I said earlier, my team and I are currently working on developing our app. We are truly doing our best to build a great product and deliver the best experience to you incha'Allah! We are really excited about this and cannot wait to finally make it available on both Androids and iPhones. But we cannot do this alone. 

Ahli is the kind of app that without users will not be of much use. And this is where you can help us help you! We are setting up a network of ambassadors to help us spread the word about our app. The Ambassador program is Ahli’s main outreach wing. It stands as the most important communicating membrane of the company, and it strives to spread the information about the mobile application anywhere it can. 

What do you get in return? 

Ambassadors will in return receive monetary compensation, recognition and membership to a strong network of people, and above all, good deeds and hassanate for helping bring Ahli to people. As a physical timeless acknowledgment, we will also put the names of all our ambassadors on a commemorative plaque in the first Masjid that will incha’Allah be built by Ahli. 

If you have any question please do not hesitate to comment. I will be more than happy to answer them. Jazakum Allah Khayran. 

For More info you can refer to this document.

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    • By mirimirian
      Please help . I'm very curious about this dream. I really want to find out its meaning. 
      I saw this dream when I was walking and suddenly in front of my feet a yellow-white light appears it is a beautiful light and then I jump into it and very fast I do another step ahead . I do this step very fast and after I do the step the thunder hits the place I stepped into before a second. So the thunder doesn't hit me. My sibling warned me after the thunder hits the land. My sibling said to me:" What are you doing? That thunder could hit you! Why do you walk like that? If you didn't walk fast the thunder would hit you. "  Then I find myself sitting in my old school but it doesn't look like my old school. It's a dark building and I'm sitting on a chair in front of a window. The thunders keep hitting but I'm safe in the building so it doesn't affect me. Then I see some boys playing football . The ball keeps falling into the window in front of me. And there is a guy that keeps asking me to give them their ball. I feel a big sadness in this moment because my old school reminds me of sad things and returning to that school again it makes me sad. 
      Please explain this cause I'm confused.
      Would make my day :)
      I know dreams might be not important but I just want to understand this one.
    • By happy spirit

      1- Entering the prayer while one is distracted; having their thoughts
      elsewhere or being in a state which distracts himself or his imam; like holding
      back urine, wind or defecation, being in a state of hunger or thirst, when food
      which he wishes to eat is present, or looking at that which distracts him from

      2- Useless movements; Meaning doing that which is contrary to being tranquil
      and concentrating in Ṣalāh.

      Ex: Moving without a need, playing with ones beard, clothing or watch,
      cracking ones knuckles, or putting the fingers of one hand in between those of
      the other hand,

      3- Looking with ones face left or right without a need; with the condition
      that the body does not turn away from the Qiblah; otherwise the Ṣalāh would be

      4- Putting ones hands on ones hips; since it is the action of the Jews.

      5- Covering ones mouth and nose in prayer.

      6- Rolling up ones garment, sleeves or the likes.

      7- Tying ones hair back, gathering it, or braiding it for men; as this would
      resemble a man whose hands are tied up behind his back. This is because
      when he prostrates, his hair would not prostrate with him.

      8- Spitting in the direction of the Qiblah or to ones right side.

      9- Looking up at the sky.

      10- Closing one’s eyes, except for a need.

      Stretching ones arms flat on the ground when in prostration


    • Guest Bratpfanne
      By Guest Bratpfanne
      Salam Aleykum.


      I am new here, I live in the UK and I am 21 ! I am interested in Islam and I am here to get more informations about the Islam. I am a bit scared to learn more about it because I think it is always dangerous to be a Muslim in the UK, because all these terror stories some people think every Muslim is the same, but I don't think that! I searched for a Masjid to go near my City and in my City but these Masjids doesn't reply.

      When I lived in Germany ( I live in the UK since over a year ) I had a Circumzision but when I wanted to go in a Masjid to become a Muslim I moved to the UK. After a while I lost the believe a bit because here is no Masjid and muslims who would help me on my way! My fiancee is british and not religious so she cant help me too and she doesn't like it anyway. Well, my questions are now :


      1. Does this website got something like a chat or message box where people can write to me and I can write to people ? Or is it really just the Forum ?


      2. Are here people from UK maybe Hampshire ?


      3. How should I deal with discrimination if I would become a Muslim ?


      4. I want become an Officer or Soldier in the UK so I am kind of scared that I can't do this job as a practising muslim ?


      5. Is that a Problem that my fiancee is a non-muslima and that she doesn't give much about the Islam ?


      6. Do I can become a Muslim without going to a Masjid ? ( I would like to go to a Masjid to learn the Quran but I don't think that here is a Masjid who accept me, I searched but couldn't find one )


      7. Would the Muslim community accept me ? Not long ago people tried to burn down the Masjid in my city, so maybe the muslim community don't like " westerners ".


      8. I am a newbie so it would be nice if somebody could maybe write to me and help me a bit with the website and with my way to Islam, I am not sure I am doing the right thing ?



      well, I hope I didn't asked too many questions and I hope I didn't offend anyone.

    • By Esp
      Is it halal for non mukhrim to have private conversation with one another through Instant message, skype, or any kind of private messaging? Technology has changed our ways of life, and i have been curious, how does Islam deal with this matter?
      Your positive response is highly appreciated. Thanks :)
    • By FriedRice
      I feel like maybe I shouldn't be fasting because I recently reverted, but I am so intimidated in learning how to pray.  I do want to learn, but I read that I should not be fasting during Ramadan if I have not learned salat.  I feel like a failure and I am completely overwhelmed with how much there is to learn.