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I'll Will Be 50 Soon

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Yes.In 6 months, God willing, I will be 50.

It is hard to believe I am that old. I dont feel that old. I still have heart of a younger person .... interest of a thirties somewhat. Maybe because I dont have any children of my own. I first marriage was at 43 for almost 4 years ...a mistake and took a lot of courage to get out as I was in foreign country.


Lost my resouces to be independent, including self-esteem. Seeking stability and security, I got married again. Although he is much better person but the environtment and circumstances could not provide me the security and stability that I desperately need.


By mutual agreement, we split and I went back to my country. After2 months,I got a job and a rent a small studio. Now I am back to struggle to work and to cover living expenses as before I left 6-7 years ago but at poorer scale. I was paying mortgage then and now I pay rent. This last Ex said if he could he will like to rejoin me in marriage and live with me in my country. But he is tied with his life in US. So I am by myself and wondering if someone exist to be with me giving everything that i need.

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Wa alaikum assalam

welcom.gif to Gawaher


I'm glad you decided to join us. I hope that you find your stay here at IF beneficial, as well as enjoyable, and inshaAllah we benefit from each other.


As this section is only for introductions, please start a new topic in another section for your question/discussion., and we will be glad to respond to you there.


As we advise all new comers, please take a moment to read our Forum Rules. This will greatly enhance your understanding of this community, and ensures a smooth relation with everyone around here.


As a new member, you will notice a number of temporary limitations. Please read about them here:

New Members: Read This!


And now here is your welcome drink, on the house!

So sit back, and let me pour you a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice!



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Salam alikum 


Welcome to the forum sister and insha Allah all gets better with you 

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Welcome to the forum sister. Hopefully we can help you.

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