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Campaign Under The Slogan: «Gaza In 2014: Oh Muslim Army! A

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Dear Muslims! 
Today we are announcing a campaign under the slogan: 
«Gaza in 2014: Oh Muslim army! Answer the call for help and save the people of Palestine!» 
We ask you to support the campaign, and thus help their oppressed brothers in Gaza!

To do this:

1. As soon as possible distribute this publication, share it on your page, click «Like» or comment;

2. Take a picture with a poster, which will be present in our campaign slogan in Arabic or English

«Oh Muslim Armies! Respond to protect the People of Gaza!»

«استجيبوا يا جيوش المسلمين لنصرة غزة!»

«Ey İslam Beldelerinin orduları! Filistin halkının yardım çağrısına icabet edin. Onlara sahip çıkın!»

Then publish the photos on your page with hashtag #AJAGAZAor send them to us https://www.facebook.com/minibaevtagir



More information in website http://www.protectgaza.info/

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