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Masturbation Attracts Bad People And Abusers

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Hello all.


I wanted to talk about a serious topic : Masturbation and Abuse


Simply put : MASTURBATION makes abuse WORSE!

I have 20 years of experience with bullying from people with various personality disorders, and I can ATTEST that there is a relationship between how many times you masturbate and how much you are abused. No wonder spiritual people around the world frown upon it. No wonder it's such a great sin.


It's like after every orgasm with my hand, things become worse and worse. I become less manly and more sensitive to bullying. They start attacking me on the streets.


Now that I've stopped completely, people are much nicer to me and respect me more.


Two more things : 

- People who masturbate, especially during a long period of time, are usually attracted to each other, and attract those of the opposite sex who do it too.

- If a man masturbates, his wife will find him less attractive and will look at him less often.


This is NOT a joke, if you want less abuse, stop masturbating. Simple. You'll see by yourself!


If you know someone who is in an abusive relationship, Please tell them to abstain from masturbating and other sins.


Don't hesitate to share this message to other people and forums!

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Go seek professional counseling bearman90 .

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