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Crucifiction Of Jesus

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Aligarr, this is one of VERY MANY thought that took me OUT of the catholic church...one of very very many. if you want to follow Jesus you CANNOT be a catholic...sorry for this blatant truth. if you want to talk about it with me you can email me or send me a private message and we can continue this conversation, not here on a MUSLIM forum...you understand??

and i am glad you are a THINKER...


I'm afraid I don't have the private message privilege

in this forum. Would you mind sister posting your email address please?

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As I said to God's Servant kometa 2 , God will not check for labels . Never believed in the doctrine of papal Infallibility , too many Popes were warriors and were more politically inclined than spiritually .

Yea , the  present Pope is a nice guy , but infallible ? I don't think so , ex-cathedra or otherwise . And the whole saint and statue thing is idol worship . Atleast according to the Bibles I've studied .


Really? Then why did God command cherubim images to be

built on top of the Ark of the Covenant in Exodus 25:18-22 and Joshua had bowed

down toward it in Joshua 7:6? Hmmm sounds like Catholic idol worshipping to me…or

perhaps you’re wrong my prized scholar friend.






Don’t tell us what we worship. We worship the one God alone.

Ever heard of “lex orlando lex credenda”??

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You assume much God's Servant , at the tender age of 8 , I knew it wrong to have idols . Wow and you really miss the point with your Cherubim thing , man what on earth have you been studying ??????


You're confused God's Servant , but you can not transfer your confusion onto me . Go get baptized or do whatever you feel you must to attain your salvation . You are not responsible for anyone's soul but your own .  

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