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WOW  , what a bundle of Cut and Pastes !   


And all because you can not bring yourself to condemn DAESH !  You can not do that can you ?


You are truly pathetic .


Well  , I guess it is unfortunate then for you , that DAESH is in it's last days , no time for you to join .

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WOW , what a bundle of Cut and Pastes !


And all because you can not bring yourself to condemn DAESH ! You can not do that can you ?


You are truly pathetic .


Well , I guess it is unfortunate then for you , that DAESH is in it's last days , no time for you to join .

Lol - first of, there is no such thing as a group called D.A.I.I.S.H, and I can see how you use the foreign sounding acronym for pschological purposes.


Secondly, I would be more inclined to condemn DAWLA AL SHAYTAAN FI AL WASHINGTON DC.

which spells something like D.A.S.F.A.W.D.C since it - along with it's allies (including secular zionists) has and does commit more crimes against the people of the pkanet than assad and I.S combined and is therefore more worthy of condemnation.

If any ought to be destroyed, it first ought to be those who try to force Godless secularism, greed, promiscuity, adultery and endless wars upon the people of the planet in order to feed their insatiable usury and war machines in service of Shaytaan.

Btw, before you falsely accuse me of resorting to ad hominem ...which you are obviously (judging from the post above) guilty of..... are any of your troops allowed to refuse to stand guard at the church of satan in california on moral grounds?

Edited by abz2000

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Wow again !! you are pathetic , can not even bring yourself to speak the denigrating acronym for ISIS . Hey man I think you really missed your calling .

 Do you regret not joining this group ?


And you bring up the term "straw man ",  and accuse me of using that type of argument , yet you have done nothing but using that type of argument . You fail miserably at raising yourself above tacit approval of DAESH .


As I said ,there is no debate regarding these savages of DAESH . If you think there is , that simply means you approve them . You have gone from rationalizing their actions to justifying it  .




Well there's still time for latecomers eh abz2000 ?  You display a propensity for this group of heinous cowards ,savages and destroyers .  I've heard no condemnation coming from you , only excuse making .


 In my mind you are no better .  I now know what and who you are "inclined "to condemn  and who and what you truly approve .


And you call yourself a Muslim ???????  You make your own case against yourself . Do not accuse me of ad hominem attacks ,when your own words describe and define you quite clearly . I merely make objective observation based on your own words . Apparently you can not hide from your own moral values .  Out of the mouth comes the abundance of the heart .


You have expressed yourself  , and I find your morality hypocritical and pathetic .

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Rather than reporting your trolling and prodding post attempting to derail the thread and turn it into a b#tching contest - since you have obviously no intellectual response and have resorted to name calling and b#tching like a sl#g without valid reason, I'll just tell you'to go (insults removed by admin. User banned) and hope both the last two off-fhread posts get deleted.
I hate whinging to mods about obvious trolls with malintent.

Edited by dot

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Derail the thread ???  The Thread is about the Islamic state, a.k.a. , ISIS ,a.k.a. , DAESH . WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID ?  this is not a bit#hing contest , this is a statement , a statement of condemnation of a group of psychotic religious maniacs who have thus far proven themselves  , savages and barbarians bent on destruction . 

 And WHAT "name calling " have I engaged in ????   By recounting your own words ? An objective and ACCURATE description of your own  self described moral views is name calling ?


 I have more than valid reasons to come to the conclusion regarding YOU and your so called "morality ".You are afraid to criticize or condemn DAESH , in fact you FEAR even using that Term .And this can only indicate ONE THING - YOU FAVOR AND APPROVE DAESH AND IT 'S HEINOUS ACTS.


 You hate whining to mods ? Really after your vile insults regarding my mother ? How dare you  ! I will lodge a complaint about you and your filthy mouth .


Again you say "Adios " but you keep returning , and each time you do , you only expose more of your warped morals ,and now your perverted foul mouth .



 I imagine you are greatly disheartened by the impending destruction of DAESH , well suck it up abz2000 , soon they  will be no more . Your heroes will be dead .

Edited by ECLIPSE

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You call this adult language and behavior abz2000 ??? Post #129

Edited by ECLIPSE

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I cut the futile conversation and gave you bad advice regarding your mom forgetting that ur an atheist and don't have any fixed inhibitions or solid guidelines. Don't want to give you any haram ideas, please don't do it. Really, please.


Anyone observing the quality of the "conversation" would realize how one of us was dismissing all surrounding facts and leading it into a spiral of senseless ad hominem attacks similar to that which is seen in a kindergarten or primary school playground. Nea nea nea nea nea.


Back to topic, :)

we humans are like sheep for the slaughter anyways, every single one of us awaits death with nothing else about our lives more certain, so who in their right minds wouldn't envy those who save themselves from the trials and debaucheries of this life and fight and die in God's service? Isn't it better than dying for bush or obama or clinton or trump, or $5,000 a month with eternal hell as a final reward? (Especially when they know about 9/11).

I can see how someone with a limited vision of the spectrum would be bewildered by it but think about it rationally dude - if eternity is true, doesn't it make sense to make sacrifices in this base mammalian life which usually lasts as long as it takes for a stone to reach the bottom of hell?


Sit down and fink about it, and please don't do anything bad to your mom, Islam strictly forbids sexual relations with one's mother, sister, daughter, maternal and paternal aunts, neices, and a few others specifically mentioned.

Repent if you fell that low, It falls really short of and goes against shariah standards. Hopefully you won't just dismiss it as fundamentalist preaching and rebel for the sake of opposition.


God knows what type of diplomat i'd make.

Certainly not the type that usually willingly and nonchalantly compromise their God given rights at the u.n.


Surah 110. Succour, Divine Support


1. When comes the Help of Allah, and Victory,

2. And thou dost see the people enter Allah.s Religion in crowds,

3. Celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and pray for His Forgiveness: For He is Oft-Returning (in Grace and Mercy).

Edited by abz2000

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Again you say "Adios " but you keep returning.



Indeed God loves those who repent of their faults and return to His service, my father Adam also ate of a tree and repented, I must therefore keep that in mind even though the buds have allured me since youth and I grew up in brittain where it's not too socially stigmatising. Difficult to say no to £2gbp/oz even though one knows that they'll end up feeling less guilty about watching and dreaming up (with the prodding of the embedded bci microchip - courteousy of america and it's underlying system of kufr) perverted fantasies about gangbngs and beauty queens.


Gotta focus on the kingdom of heaven within also, whilst we strive to make God's will dominant on earth - as it is in heaven. It all requires jihad of the nafs.....

But I digress, if there was anyone giving a worthy response to your nonsensical strawman hit pieces, I would have sat back and not had to reply.

But the fact is that a reply was required.......


......there ya go, I just gave you some more reason to attack unislamic actions by using me as the despised vehicle. Cui bono? :) now you can claim that I'm tripping and don't know what I'm on about, but at least readers will be able to sift through the comments and draw their own conclusions.


I admit, I have fallen short of Islamic morals and need to do better, you too appear to claim that Islam is the truth and more honourable and dignified way and that it I'm hypocritical; you would be correct about the first part, but regarding the second - nope, hypocrisy is claiming to believe in and love God whilst concealing hatred for the truth, the only source of truth and justice - which is God, and those who seek to walk aright according to the guidance given to us by the all wise Creator of the heavens and the earth.

Human weakness consists of falling shirt, however, strength and healing comes through admitting when one is wrong and earnestly seeking to repent from faults and drawing nearer to truth and justice, and no-one can guide closer to justice than God who created us and knows what's good for every fibre of our being.

I don't want to devolve into a base animal and would like to live in dignity as a decent Muslim evolving upwards day by day from strength to strength. Kufr leads to base mammalian devolution and Islam is the only model that has survived the historical test of time since Adam.

I also know that community plays a huge role in character, cultural habits and passed on traits - and that I must therefore strive hard to build an Islamic community around me just as a farmer needs his neighbouring fields to have good grain in order for his good grain to stay good over the years or for his low grade grain to evolve into high quality grain.

Got a problem with that?

Think Allah will not help those who seek to establish Islam in this world and in eternity?

Read quran chapter 22 verses 8-15.


Adios :)





Back again! :)

I was looking at alexa rankings and noticed something weird about syria and iraq, this maybe due to trauma and the desperate need for comfort and escape, some of the external turmoil may also be due to the conflicts and furqaan happening within as people wake up to the satanic secularist assault on the soul and seek to jump out of the simmering foul pot of kufr and ingratitude that is tearing away at every strand of their dna, a heirloom that is priceless.





The image below is an edited version of the signboard of the restaurant office "happy go lucky funeral parlour" on drury lane in london, those who are near it might benefit from a careful look at the actual representations not clearly visible from 2D pictures.



The following is claimed to be a "daiish" (which it was called at the time) street artist's advice to people:

Good advice I hope you'll agree.




Caption reads: don't let the (news?) media play (/ fool around?) with your mind (/intellect?).


Doesn't really satiate my ego to speak so plainly, but I know I speak the mind of many.

I is jus' a servant getting to know my place, no worries, coz it doesn't dent the message one bit, rather enhances it potently.

Edited by abz2000

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abz200 , are you trying to bury your juvenile mentality , which led you to post such a vile remark regarding my mother ? Yiu think you can use your cut and pastes to erase the filth that has already exited your mouth ?


The issue here is simple , you either oppose DAESH and all it's works or you favor and approve them . There are no in-betweens , as this is not a religious issue it is one of humanity vs savage nihilism .


You have , however shown your stripes .  And I know you have no shame , for that would require a normal human standard of morality , which you lack .


Your insistence on attempting to rationalize and justify your position on DAESH proves your moral standards  are sub-human . I'm surprised that you can comfortably navigate amongst a civilized society , which you no doubt live in . You take up the ideology of brutal sub human savages , yet prefer to live in comfort amongst those who you seemingly profess [at least by implication] to hate .


But given your stated and implied position , it is not surprising to find hypocrisy amongst  your several moral failings and defects .


BTW ,  I am NOT an atheist , and have never stated nor implied that I was . That is your conclusion based on your narrow minded  assumptions and faulted perceptions .


There is most certainly an Almighty God ,the ONLY GOD , and it would do you well to seek Him out , before you destroy yourself or someone else .

Edited by ECLIPSE

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Dear Eclipse

Its no use to make a discussion with a Daesh supporter. Our forum rules doesn't allow such people to stay here anyway.

That said, I find it interesting to discuss your status as a believer without a religion.

Are you interested? If so, I'll start a new discussion and invite you there..

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I'm glad to see abz2000 banned , not simply for his personal insult to me , but for a much greater offense of supporting  such violent people as those of DAESH . I would be glad to share my views of belief in the One God .

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