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Islamic Quiz – An Interactive Way Of Learning With Smartphon

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Islam is a complete code of life.Islam is a sign of piece and solidarity. We all know that Islam has a history from where it emerges from a very small state (Madina) and spread all over the world. As a Muslim it is our responsibility to learn our religion well. From the arrival of Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the emergence of Islamic State we must know each and every moment.


There are tons of Islamic books related to Islamic education and information. This information is often thought to our children in their school books. But now in the age of technology where we have more resources to earn and learn. we have multiple choices to chose any source of learning.


Download Free Islamic Quiz for Kids


 Yes we can learn through any source and medium. Today we have Smartphone which almost replace the old fashion computers. We can make calls, can take pictures and share hem to people through internet. Here we use our skills to convert all the necessary information to display Islamic information in electric form. We have chosen hundred of Islamic occasions with their dates into multiple choice questions.  


Islamic Quiz is an Android application that is designed to convey Islam. Kids will learn very quickly through this interactive method of learning. Islamic quiz for kids is designed with eye catchy interface. Every age kids can learn quickly and effectively.


Free Islamic Quiz is embedded with the following Features:


Multiple Choice Questions

  •  Contain Quizzes for Kids
  •  Eye Catchy design
  •  Stable
  •  More Questions





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