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Haram Is Dignified ....halal Is Humiliating .....continue..

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A makes a contract with B to be a financial partner of B in his business.A agrees to pay B an amount of say 1000.
In another contract, A says to B to make whatever profit he wants but depart him with agreed upon profit (say 15%).

In the third contract ,A pays back 5% of the amount  to B as insurance for the amount he had given to him  .

This is Contractum trinius


If we substitute A with public money ,profit with interest and the insurance with bank then this is the present banking system .A bold answer to all the religions because all the religions around the world frowned upon interest.


Every economist of any period around the world always wanted to make the rich man rich and the poor man poorer .If a needy come for help, he will be always put  on terms some say it boldly as interest and rest religious outfits term it as profit sharing but the nett result ends up in exploitation of the  poor and needy by money lenders. Is it not riba ?

pl note that  I am not against profit sharing but I am against forced profit sharing.


47 Muslim dominated countries, 2.2 billion people yet we need haram banks like HDFC, ICICI, and DCB...Etc to do our day to day business activities. If questioned, we say without any shame it is not a sin till we get other halal option .On the other hand  even in Muslim dominated countries banks like HSBC , SBI  ICICI, have their branches  open and  even their  native Muslims banks compete on loans for interest  .Are we not compromising with haram banking system?. Instead of making war against riba we are ready to make
war with Allah and his prophet (pbuh).


Verse 2-279

 And if you do not do it, then take a notice of war from Allâh and His Messenger but if you repent, you shall have your capital sums. Deal not unjustly (by asking more than your capital sums), and you shall not be dealt with unjustly (by receiving less than your capital sums)


I don’t. know why we failed to improvise the system of Byat-Ul_Mal to compete with haram banks.

Why we are enslaved by a three centuries old system of haram banking .why we could not compete haram with halal .

Or is it that to please the rich man we left halal and ran behind haram .

Today ,our situation is so pathetic ,even to give zakat or charity we need haram  bank .

I wonder how many of us think we are dealing with haram when they are in banks .


Ever heard that the keepers of Bayt_ul_Mal wanted the needy people to adopt profit sharing in the past or did we came across a
situation that the keepers of Bayt-Ul-Mal denied loans to the needy .If you know pl let me know .


As a result, Illiteracy and poverty in our religion is on rampant .People are alluring us to leave our religion .Finally , there is call from our prime minister Mr Narendra Modi open up bank accounts .Can there be better call then this towards haram .can indian muslims dare to say "Say No Bank,Say no to Riba".Can they answer Mr Modi this way .The answer is NO,because even the subsidy for gas cylinder will be credited to bank acocunts .


May Allah forgive us

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Assalamulaikum Rahamatullahi Wabarakathahu


I want to make couple of things clear here


Firsltly,This article  is the continuation of my first article


Secondly ,I am not against Islamic Banking ,but I see few Islamic banks offering personal loans with the concept of murabaha

As an example , see here ANB offering personal loan to salaried people.if a working class man comes to bank for a loan then he is needy and bank is making him a business man!Otherwise , the terms offered by the bank is excellent

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