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  1. الْمَجْمُوعَةُ الأُولىfirst group –
    الْكَلِمَاتُ الْجَدِيدَةُ new words –
    rabbit    أَرْنَبٌ
    kettle    إِبْرِيقٌ
    ear    أُذُن
    he reads (verb present tense)    يَقْرَأُ
    hens (p) – hen (s)    دَجَاجٌ (م) دَجَاجَةٌ
    rooster    دِيكٌ
    bear    دُبٌّ
    garden    حَدِيقَةٌ
    he prostrates    يَسْجُدُ
    tail ذَيْلٌ
    arm : the long thin part that looks or moves like an arm    ذِرَاعٌ
    fly    ذُبابَةٌ
    he sows, (seeds)    يَبْذُرُ
    he takes    يَأْخُذُ
    head    رَأَسٌ
    riyal : unit of money in some of the arab countries    رِيَالٌ
    pomegranate    رُمّانٌ
    sheep    خَرُوفٌ 
    he spread (he saws apart)    يَنْشُرُ
    giraffe    زَرَافَةٌ
    large (clay) jar to keep water cool – not very common now زِيْرٌ 
    flowers    زُهُورٌ
    carrot    جَزَرٌ 
    he bakes    يَخْبِزُ

    see videos 1-5 on 


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Wa alaikum assalam

welcom.gif to Gawaher


I'm glad you decided to join us. I hope that you find your stay here at IF beneficial, as well as enjoyable, and inshaAllah we benefit from each other.


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And now here is your welcome drink, on the house!

So sit back, and let me pour you a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice!



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