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الْمَجْمُوعَةُ الأُولىfirst group –
الْكَلِمَاتُ الْجَدِيدَةُ new words –
rabbit    أَرْنَبٌ
kettle    إِبْرِيقٌ
ear    أُذُن
he reads (verb present tense)    يَقْرَأُ
hens (p) – hen (s)    دَجَاجٌ (م) دَجَاجَةٌ
rooster    دِيكٌ
bear    دُبٌّ
garden    حَدِيقَةٌ
he prostrates    يَسْجُدُ
tail ذَيْلٌ
arm : the long thin part that looks or moves like an arm    ذِرَاعٌ
fly    ذُبابَةٌ
he sows, (seeds)    يَبْذُرُ
he takes    يَأْخُذُ
head    رَأَسٌ
riyal : unit of money in some of the arab countries    رِيَالٌ
pomegranate    رُمّانٌ
sheep    خَرُوفٌ 
he spread (he saws apart)    يَنْشُرُ
giraffe    زَرَافَةٌ
large (clay) jar to keep water cool – not very common now زِيْرٌ 
flowers    زُهُورٌ
carrot    جَزَرٌ 
he bakes    يَخْبِزُ

see videos 1-5 on 

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الْمَجْمُوعَةُ الثَّانِيَّةُ second group –


الْكَلِمَاتُ الْجَدِيدَةُ new words –


doctor   طَبِيبٌ


child (young age)             طِفْلٌ


birds      طُيُورٌ


train       قِطارٌ


he tie (bandage)              يَرْبِطُ


Envelope(s)        ظَرْفٌ (ج) ظُرُوفٌ


nail         ظِفْرٌ


umbrella              مِظَلَّةٌ


memorise           يَحْفَظُ


rose(s)  وَرْدَةٌ (ج) وُرُودٌ


pillow    وِسَادَةٌ


iron (launder)    يَكْوِى




dismiss ; drive away or back (past tense)               طَرَدَ


he roar زَأَرَ


he is inciting (be against)              وَزَّ


rice         أُرُزٌّ


see videos 9-13



pdf /doc



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Learn always from the root word. Al3aaqibatu lilmuttaQeen 


3qb (3aqaba), what is following.


Not only in akhira or after a time. The Kuffar live miserably all the time and loose all the time, private or openly.. It's not end. But the following.


The following is for the Believers.


3aqab is your heel. Careful.


Now you grasp it and keep it.


Always learn from the root word so that you do not fall into Shirk. Ascribing your teacher as partner.

Edited by Abu Turab

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