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Why Do Certain Non Muslims Spread Lies?

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Do you know what i really hate.


Non Muslims who bang on about how evil Muslims and Sharia Law happens to be but then they will not accept an invite to come and discuss their grievances and actually learn about it from Muslims themselves.


Why are they so cowardly? Why are they nothing outside of their own comfort zones?


I really wish such people would man up and either learn about Islam or just move on.


Why do they insist on spreading lies? 




When i wanted to learn to drive, i went to see a driving instructor

When i wanted to learn to write, i went to see a teacher

When i wanted to learn about Christianity, i went to see a Christian


It's fairly logical really when you want to learn about Islam learn from the Muslims not from some bigoted website.

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How do you know Non Muslims do not consult Muslims for advice? They could very easily research Islamic websites and books to get the facts.


I hope you're anger is not based on assumption...

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sister it is the nature of life, some people will always lie and set out to harm others. Remain patient and do not allow them to anger you. Pray that they may see the truth.


In the meantime the best you can do is continue to spread the word of Islam, as lies about Islam also continue to be spread. 

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I think one of difficulties with some religious people, is that they come to a religion in order to find a rigid set of rules to guide them to Heaven. Where everything can be placed into very rigid mindset of Right and Wrong, and Good and Evil.


They are told, "We are Absolute Good, and They are Absolute Evil." They don't have to question. They just have to follow.

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Yes, some people do, and yes, they're wrong and yes, it's annoying.

But it doesn't mean we should react negatively.

If they choose to follow the path of ignorance and spread some more ignorance,

then we must be those who follow the path of truth and work double time to spread the truth.

Peace to all.

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