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Surahs Needed , Advice And Duas Needed

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I have had a lot of things e occur and to cut a long story short I feel my life in certain aspects are on hold and not only has this been noticed by loved ones close to me but I have felt this for some time now.


I have had bad dreams at night like last week I heard a scary voice in my sleep but I managed to jump up and turn the light on as I was so scared.

I have been reading ayatul kursi and playing it morning and night.


What other surahs should I play to remove any nazar off me or can someone please direct me in anything I can do?


 I am in the process of trying to find someone to go to and seek advice too I just need things to go right for me now.


All words of advice I would gladly appreciate!


Thank you

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Wa alaikum assalam brother/sister

(please set your gender in your profile)


You can also recite chapter 113 and 114 of the Quran.

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Salam alikum, 


You reciting ayat al kursi after the 5 daily prayers ? Do you wake up for fajr also daily ? Because for a start you need that first 

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Bismillahi Ta'ala,


Most of good advises have been given. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Waswaas (whispers) from jinnaat occur in places which are spiritually unclean. This is the reason we seek specific refuge from such beings when going into the toilet.


a. The first thing you should do is cleanse your room/home. Try and keep is generally clean. 

b. The second is to keep is spiritually clean. Make a daily habbit of reciting Qur'an in that room. 

c. Recite loudly, so the quran is heard by anyone else in the room/house as well. 


Try and start working on your personal taharah.


a. Try to remain in wudhu' as much as possible.

b. Making dhikr of "Laa ilaha ilAllah.." is very effective. Occupy yourself with it. 

c. Similarly make your habbit to recite as much "A'oodhu billa.." and "Bismillah".

d. The Mu'wadhatayn (Falaq and Naas) are the most potent of ruqya against evil. Try and recite that as much as you can remember

e. If you like Ayatul Kursi, then as per your own action continue reciting it. Make these recitations your free time things.. Do whenever you feel like.


Angels of mercy and rahma tend to run away from places where there are sins. It is as though they feel the stench of the sins. So make accountability and start working on yourself.


a. Make a chart of your Salaats. Try and pray all your prayers. If you miss, make sure to make up for them. 

b. Assess your weaknesses. Music, Movies, any form of bad language, staying in janaabah (ritual impurity).. and slowly and one by one address them. 


InshAllah you will change the condition of your home/room and jinns will not find a way of troubling you. 


May Allah relieve you of your burdens and protect you from all forms of evils, Ameen.


Wallahu A'lam,

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