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ashraf means noble

Hope And Fear

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Hope & fear


I pray

5 times a day

And I hope

I'm forgiven

And worthy of mercy


With every bow

And prostration

I'm making



To succeed like the best of creation

While I'm Supplicating to the

Creator of all creation


Only Allah guides

Sustains and provides

Removes us from darkness

Into the light


It's like

The difference between

Alive and dead


He gave us

hearing and sight

And knowledge

Of wrong from right


The truth is a butiful light

But falsehood

Is like the darkness of night






above everything

Nothing can hide

From HIM

Those who believe in him

And do good deeds

Shall win



Every soul shall taste death

with each breath

a step closer to death


As death draws near

We have to steer clear

Of all the things

That include sin

That cause pain

To the human being

And bring

The accepted things

Into our lives again


This life's a test

Only those blessed

Shall pass the test

We need to impress

The One

The greatest


Only in his remembrance do

hearts find rest


Worshiping HIM with

Hope and fear x3



In between the hope and the fear


Hope of paradise

And the fire we fear





Ever increasing Peace and Pleasure

Happiness that never ends

My friends

Increasing delight

Beautiful to the sight

And smell




oh well

Burning fire of hell


No excuses

they'll be useless


To conclude this

The proof is

There's only one God

and HIS name is Allah

And muhummed is his messenger

He created us

From dust

my brothers and sisters

We must trust Allah

will answer us

So we


Chorus --


Worship HIM with hope and fear

Hope and fear

Hope & fear

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