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Qibla Connect - Finds Salat Timing & Direction Of Qibla

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Qibla Connect which is like a compass that finds the Direction of Qibla and Prayer (Salat) Timing. This is an application for android and iOS, which helps and notifies you about the prayers timing and also gives the direction of Qibla for
offering the prayers. Below links are given to download this application.

Click Here to Download Qibla Connect – Prayer Timing App for Android

Click Here to Download Qibla Connect – Prayer Timing App for iOS



Qibla Connect is a Qibla Locator application that also gives the distance of the Qibla (Kaaba). This app notify too about the timing of the prayers. Qibla connect has many features and following are the main features:

Qibla Finder: this application finds the correct direction of the Qibla and also finds the distance of the Qibla from your existence location.

Salat Timing: Salat Timing feature is also provided on this application, Timing of the prayers will show you according to the Islamic Standard timings.

Alarm Setting: this application brings the features of alarm; alarm helps in notifying you about the times of the prayer. Alarm is in the form of Adhan, different Reciters are provided in this application for Adhan Alarm. 

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Assalamu Alaikum,


Could you elaborate what is "Islamic Standard Timings". Which algorithm is the app using to pool in the salah timings, especially for the higher latitude areas?


-- Edit --


Ok, I had this app installed on my phone already. I just checked the settings. It does offer different options.



For salah timing, the default is MWL which the Muslim World League. Their criteria is (Fajr Twilight = 18 Degrees, Isha Twilight = 17 Degrees). I would ask further question of how do they calculate this for 49 degree above, since the astronomical twilight does not fade for 2-3 months after this latitude.
InshAllah I will keep an eye on it and inform later on if the calculations are reasonable or skewed.
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Whoever wants to get prayer timings alerts on their smartphone, download this Prayer Times mobile app. It has a lot of features in which some are Azan alerts, Qibla locator, Hijri calendar (Lunar date), monthly prayer timetable.

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