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Sincere Advice To Every Christian

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Sincere Advice To Every Christian by Dr Saleh as-Saleh




(Dr Saleh As-Saleh (rahimahullaah)

was from the foremost students of Shaykh Ibnul-Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah).

He took knowledge from the Shaykh from a long distance for a while,

then on a continuous basis from 1412-1415H and then regularly from 1415H
where he became a dedicated student and studied with him until his deathin 1421H.

Dr Saleh lived around 500 yards from Shaykh’s Ibnul-Uthaymeen’s house

and has been blessed by Allaah to have obtained a PhD in Medical Biochemistry

and was a professor at Qaasim University, KSA. Furthermore,

he was a well-known author of many great writings and books.)

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