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Insha Allah truth will be apparent soon.

Qur'an Suratul-Kahf. Ayaatul-DhulQarnain "I will tell you what you should remember" He says "Dikhra!" You should remember. Not past. But future. 

If we look to the place where the sun sets we find Dark Mud or a Dark Sea, not yet. But the literal 3ainin hami'a or hamiya. Hot waiting eye. Or a vessel filled with what results of heat "hami'a. Like molten or blackness when something has been burned.



This is a super volcano. When it breaks out and the lava dries, you get Dark mud. And ashes. A darkened Sea. As of right now it's 3ainin hamiya literally. A body of water. A hot body of water. 3ain. haama. Easy. Looks like an eye. So that the worst below the sky which are our sholars have no excuse in saying we are free of DhulQarnin. He is nothing. While "I will tell you of Dhul Qarnain Dikhra!"



This is real.

the infinitve verb form in the Qur'an does not mean past tense. It's general or future.



Yellowstone Caldera or Yellowstone Supervolcano.

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Dhul Qarnain has many meanings.
The maybe most important (if it's not known) is that he is "the one of the two ages". Meaning either he lived two ages which is wrong in one view, or apparently the correct meaning is he simply comes back.
Another is "the one with two horns". These can also be sounding horns, like the translation of "Sur".
Another meaning is "the one governing over east and west"
A common talked meaning is "Lord (Owner) of the two worlds" Human and Jinn. 
A King appointed and directed directly from Allah. (You get that from the common translation of the multiple ayats)
We don't take our religion from christians or cartoons. Now note that this Lord of Jinn has two Horns. Iblees is not stated to have two horns, and it doesn't matter. Allah is the Creator and Lord.
This is important. Horns are not bad, clearly, as everyone never believed. Just in case i'm saying this.
Listen. As Dhul Qarnain can be a celestial being. Like there are "people of Paradise" who are believed to be existing (i don't mean the dwellers as a reward). Dhul Qarnain even more so really living may in this case have two real horns, even if it's temporarely.
Or a helmet, which is a lesser translation/interpretation. Though modern depiction offers this view, which is not a big problem. 


How does he look like. According to common talk: Adam has full beauty, right? Yusuf half. Our prophet more than half (Aishas view). Dhul Qarnain, you can think he is a good person and wouldn't become old on earthly terms, like the prophet also didn't.
Listen. Very important. Our religion only accepts purity in talk, no bad jokes. Dhul Qarnain is apparently better than Umar and at least the level of Musa or higher than you can imagine. Understood? No mention of 1000% clearly false Dhul Qarnains please. Astaghfirullah. that you can even say these things, people say out there. Even if it's clearly just a game for them. Again, you can expect his behaviour to be the like of our prophet. "We hear and obey" thumma staqim. And talk only good and be a role model. Imagine he is sitting with the prophet and they have no difference. No bad jokes.
When Allah talks. Then you know one word can have many correct meanings, there is no game ikhtilaf, that this scholar says this and the other that and (only) both are "tolerated" with a smiling face like we are in a game show, that's playing around. Allah is talking and is vast in speech. Qur'an is guidance. Guidance means, what helps you. Allah knows what He is saying exactly, there is no maybe he means only this or that, no; we just count what he might guide us with. Sincerely.

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